NewsTSOP39XXX and TSOP59XXX infrared receiver for retail applications

TSOP39XXX and TSOP59XXX infrared receiver for retail applications

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Two new models of infrared receivers came from Vishay company. These are TSOP39XXX and TSOP59XXX optoelectronic sensors. They are equipped in a top-view housing for use in the assembly of the THT. The housing has two lenses for each component.

TSOP59XXX infrared receiver

Both models provide data transfer up to 45m under optimum conditions. This is achieved through the use of THT lenses. Thanks to this operation, receivers gain sensitivity. The carrier frequency is 30 to 56 kHz. The irradiation value for the TSOP38XXX is 0.08 mW/m2 and the TSOP59XXX is 0.20 mW/m2. Both series have been equipped with preamplifier, IR filters and photodetector.

Each series has 4 variants that differ in AGC gain and use in combination with short or long burst. The TSOP39XXX series is powered by 2.5 to 5.5 V, consumes 0.35 mA, while the TSOP59XXX consumes 0.7 mA.

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