NewsWSBS Power Metal Strip from Vishay company – Lowers cost, Lowering Vibrations

WSBS Power Metal Strip from Vishay company – Lowers cost, Lowering Vibrations

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Vishay has unveiled two new battery shunt resistors named WSBS8518…M3 and WSBS8518…M4. Both models are designed with very good parameters. The resistivity of both Power Metal Strips is only 50uΩ for the 8518 housing. Parameters such as low-cost, accuracy, provide limited vibration and place for power pins by using Hall Effect for current and by PCB hole construction.

Both battery shunt resistors provide very low resistances from 50 uΩ to 250 uΩ thanks to the use of own processing system. The lowest resistance is suitable for applications in battery detection systems. This system can be used in gas, hybrid, electric, big trucks, UPS safe supplies and other applications where the battery level is important for system operation.


The structure of the battery shunt resistors from Vishay is made of magnesium and copper alloys. With this application, the TCR resistance is only ± 20 ppm/°C. The welded terminal allows connections that can withstand up to 848 A continuous current. The operating temperature of the battery shunt resistors is -65 ° C to +170 ° C. The value of the inductance is only 5 nH, the value of the thermal parameter EMF is 3 μV/°C. Products have c likeertificates RoHS-compliant, halogen-free and Vishay Green. The order for the products can already be submitted, samples are available from Vishay.

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