NewsSPDT analog switch DG3257 from Vishay for portable devices

SPDT analog switch DG3257 from Vishay for portable devices

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Vishay has unveiled its new SPDT analog switch, which is based on the uDFN6 package. DG3257 is designed for analog and digital signals. It has a very low resistance of 5 Ω at 4.2 V, providing high bandwidth, limited parasitic capacitance, and protection against the shutdown.

The use of the uQFN6 package has reduced the device to 1mm x 1mm x 0.35mm, which is much smaller than the mQFN6 package. The design of the DG3257 is so small that it can be used in miniature, portable devices designed for everyday use and for medical tasks.

DG3257 package size

The DG3257 switch provides more than 700 MHz bandwidth, which is a very big jump compared to the previous model, which provided only 300 MHz. The device provides a system named break before make switching with a switching time of 17 ns and a propagation delay of 100 ps. DG3257 provides -32 dB crosstalk at 240 MHz, 10 dB improvement over competing and – 33 dB off isolation. The switch is based on a high-density sub-micron CMOS to provide a lower parasitic capacitance.


The DG3257 analog switch can be powered by a Li-ion battery at the same time, providing a one-sided signal with very low distortion value. The unit is operating at a voltage of 1.65 V to 5.5 V providing less than 1 uA of phase loss. The switch has a 1.4 V power supply to ensure compatibility with TTL and CMOS components. The DG3257 only charges 1.5 uA, which is very competitive among other SPDTs.

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