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Pico Motor Driver HAT – Complete Overview

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Raspberry Pi Pico has turned into a thriving device one of the tech-community due to its strong IC and streamlined design. It’s grown into among the most crucial things from the community of tech-enthusiasts that acquired a great deal of attention in the industry. Raspberry Pi Foundation started Pico to innovate folks more concerning programming and hardware in order they can develop into the component to scale the amount of technologies. On the flip side, it’s raising the need of their hardware which can be attached to top of Raspberry Pi Pico to create it function from the jobs economically. SB Components has assembled a Motor Driver Hat for Pico to operate two DC motors simultaneously. We are aware that you’re so enthused about the HAT and within this site we’ll elaborate it at the information.

Pico Motor Driver HAT

The Pico Motor Driver HAT is a DC motor control module powered by one H-bridge IC L293D using a motor input supply range of 6 V to 12 V using a dedicated on/off switch. It’s intended to connect two DC motors (in exactly the identical time) or a single stepper motor, permitting the user to produce jobs having a small footprint and higher performance. Line after, thing after, wall after, and also Maze-Solver robots are simple to construct. You can join your engine with the support of both Pico Motor Driver HAT and construct intelligent jobs.

H-Bridge IC L293D

Pico Driver Motor HAT is composed of a single H-Bridge IC L293D that allows the consumers to conduct Two DC motors concurrently or a single stepper motor. You can control the rate and direction of the engine with it which will make the job better and in control of the consumer. The Maximum Peak motor current is 1.2A using Motor voltage Vcc2 (Vs) 6V to 12V. It’s available in 16-pin DIP, TSSOP, SOIC packages. As its name implies it mainly enables the customers to run the motors economically. The shift of the management of this engine is an integral feature of the IC that’s accomplished by the shifting of the polarity of its input signal . Many readers may feel that the way the impact of the polarity occurs in the HAT and the response is that the H-bridge. H-bridge includes four buttons together with the motor and also creates the H-shape circuit organized and out of it an individual can alter the polarity of this input voltage which would alter the direction of your engine.


  • Connect Up to 2 DC Motors or 1 Stepper Motor
  • One H-Bridge IC L293D
  • Motor Supply range 6V – 12V
  • Dedicated On/Off Slider Switch
  • Standard Raspberry Pi Pico Connectivity


  • Motor Control – Up to 2 DC Motor or 1 Stepper motor
  • Motor Input Supply – 6 – 124V
  • On/Off Switch – yes
  • External Output – Yes, for Pico


Let your robotic dreams come true and build advanced and hi-tech products with the Pico Motor Driver HAT. You can make infinite products with this HAT with your creativity. There are following examples that you can use the Pico Motor Driver HAT

  • Robotic Car – Connect and build robotic cars with the Pico Motor Driver HAT. One of the best things to play with your friends. 
  • Smart Gate – Now build a smart gate by installing a motor in your gates.  
  • Fire-Fighting Robot – Challenge your friends with the fire fighting robots.
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