NewsA new Smart Wristband, that cooperates with Smartphones

A new Smart Wristband, that cooperates with Smartphones

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A new Smart Wristband, that cooperates with Smartphones offers a number of new functions that can help making our living safer and more convenient in the future.

Engineers from the Rutgers University, New Brunswick have created a new smart wristband that can wirelessly exchange wider than ever amount of useful information with smartphones. These are just like regular „Fitbits”, but are not limited to only giving information about e.g. heart rate or exercise activity. They can also provide information about e.g. wearer’s blood cells count, bacterias and organic or inorganic particles in the surrounding air that could be used in a variety of biomedical and environmental applications.

This smart wristband brings the possibility of taking personal health monitoring to the next level. Credit: Abbas Furniturewalla

All of this is possible thanks to the biosensor that is incorporated into the flexible electronic circuit board. Special microcontroller is used for converting data into digital form and Bluetooth module can send information wirelessly to the desired smartphone. Blood samples are obtained through pinpricks, with the blood fed through the channel and blood cells counted. That translates to much faster obtaining of blood tests from patients, without the need for expensive, sophisticated lab equipment. Blood cell counts can be used to diagnose various illnesses and diseases.

Wearable device’s ability to monitor many different human’s life parameters would take personal health monitoring to the next level. This solution could be particularly useful for older people that are forced to e.g. measuring their blood pressure or sugar level regularly. Smartphone app could automatically send these results to their doctor that would save much of their time and money.


Michal Pukala
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