NewsNew Keystone Densi-Pak Covered Battery Holders with On/Off Switch

New Keystone Densi-Pak Covered Battery Holders with On/Off Switch

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Built-in On/Off switches eliminate the need to add additional components for designs that use “AA” or “AAA” battery. This makes it ideal for self-contained powering parts in a variety applications.

These battery holders are high-performance and made from ABS plastic. They also have Nickel-Plated Coil Spring Steel contact points for reliable, low-contact resistance battery connections. Densi-Pak’s snap-on cover protects and secures the battery compartment from damage or shorting. Holders come with 6-foot #26 AWG tinned, snipped wire leads that simplify installation.

These battery holders can hold 2 or 3 “AA”, or “AAA”, batteries. There are also IP65 water- and dust-resistant versions that can accommodate 2, 3, or 4 “AA” cells. Available from stock through Keystone’s global distribution network or online.

These new Battery Holders show Keystone’s leadership role in engineering battery connectivity products, including Contacts, Holders and Retainers.

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