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Microchip Unveils First Low-Power Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) that Simplifies Handheld Designs by Including Nonvolatile Memory

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Carrying out multi-channel system control or signal results making use of Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs) in today’s mobile and handheld commercial, communications, customer and clinical systems has been tough to do without considerable processor overhead for gadget configuration throughout power-up. Integrated Circuit Technology Inc. (Nasdaq: MCHP) today revealed an option to this issue with its MCP47/48FxBx8 household of octal 12-bit DACs, the very first of their kind to include nonvolatile memory as well as an incorporated Voltage Reference (Vref) resource so they can be pre-configured for reliable as well as risk-free power-up without depending on the system cpu.

” Handhelds and various other mobile systems are expected to supply more capabilities in smaller, less complex layouts,” said Bryan J. Liddiard, vice president of Microchip’s linear and also mixed-signal organization unit. “We help attain this objective with the very first DACs that get rid of cpu expenses during power-up and supply the network thickness, reduced power intake as well as incorporated functions that today’s compact systems need so they can operate over longer durations utilizing smaller sized, lighter batteries.”

Unlike DACs that do not include nonvolatile memory, the MCP47/48FxBx8 DACs can store user-customized setup information also when powered down. At power-up, all 8 networks are then set up to the pre-defined state without straining the system cpu with this overhead. Incorporating a Vref source right into the DACs minimizes overall system dimension as well as complexity while offering the required control to fulfill vital timing requires for securely driving all power outputs. In addition, the device household supplies both SPI and also I2C serial interfaces to supply the developer with the most adaptability for tool interactions.

With an operating voltage series of 1.8 V to 5.5 V, the DACs’ low minimum operating voltage as well as high level of power effectiveness combine to boost thermal efficiency as well as dependability. The DACs likewise provide power-on/brown-out reset defense as well as one of the industry’s fastest working out times at 5 split seconds and also run in the expanded (-40 ° C to +125 ° C) temperature level array required for automotive as well as commercial applications.

Rates as well as Availability

The MCP47/48FxBx8 household of DACs is offered for volume orders. The household consists of 8-, 10- and also 12-bit resolution gadgets in a 20-lead VQFN 5 x 5 mm package and a 20-lead TSSOP bundle. Prices starts at $2.47 each, in 5,000-unit volumes.


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