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Low noise RF amplifier – HMC8400

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The HMC8400 Low noise RF amplifier debuted in Analog Devices company offer. It is a low noise amplifier, which frequency range is from 2 to 30 GHz. The main use is in the radio track. The gain of the amplifier is 13.5 dB. The asymmetric supply voltage is 5V, while the current consumption is 67 mA. The amplifier’s 50 ohm impedance is matched internally by the input and output.

Low noise RF amplifier
Schematic of HMC8400

The HMC8400 achieves very low harmonics at the output thanks to very good linearity characteristics of the system. The parameters such as power loss and heat dissipation, which are at a very high level, have not been forgotten either by the Analog devices workers. The amplifier can be used in microwave trains, VSAT terminals, measuring instruments, satellites, military equipment and fiber optic transmitters.

Data sheet for HMC8400:


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