NewsIMX390CQV - New Sony CMOS image sensor

IMX390CQV – New Sony CMOS image sensor

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In May this year Sony’s electronics factory introduced a CMOS image sensor for use in car cameras. Its resolution is 2.45 megapixels, and the implementation technology is CMOS. It has a system for detecting signs and light signals and acquiring a 120 dB HDT image. This is achieved by reducing the flickering of LEDs that illuminate the signs and signaling.

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The sensitivity of the sensor is very high and it is already operating from a low luminous flux of 0.1 lux. The IMX390CQV complies with the AEC-Q100 Grade 2. The Sony company, along with the release of the CMOS image sensor, has introduced new functional standards called ISO26262, which open the door for new series of this type.

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