NewsIQD presents its new atomic clock ICPT-1

IQD presents its new atomic clock ICPT-1

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IQD is Very Happy to present its Brand New Processor scale atomic clock (CSAC), ICPT-1. The ICPT-1 uses the Coherent Population Trap (CPT) way to acquire a very stable frequency and is the best addition to IQD’s rubidium oscillator portfolio.

While frequent rubidium oscillators find the atomic transition The support of a rubidium release lamp (Rb lamp), the ICPT-1 employs a laser to cause quantum transitions. A significant benefit of the laser is a far lower power consumption. In addition, the life cycle of a Rb lamp is quite limited — typically around ten years — where the laser has a much longer life expectancy.

Users have the chance to join either an external 1 PPS input Or choose the inner clock to get a 1 PPS output for synchronisation in a variety of applications. Whilst in free operating mode, relying on the internal clock of the ICPT-1 as the source of the 1 PPS signal, the ICPT-1 offers a suitable holdover behaviour. Digital frequency modification and optional 1 second time of day (TOD) counter can be retrieved via a UART serial communication interface.

Housed at a 36.0 x 45.0 x 14.5 Millimeter bundle, the ICPT-1 is smaller In comparison with conventional rubidium oscillators and comes with a current consumption of just 500 mA @ 3.3 V typically. With its frequency tolerance of 0.05 ppb, its short-term equilibrium of 0.09 ppb @ Tau = 1 and its aging of just 0.03 ppb per day this product is similar to common standard Rubidium solutions.

Amongst Others, the device is Excellent for synchronisation or in regards Clock in satellite & secure communications, navigation methods and Also responsible for fiscal, utility, protection and communications timing applications.


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