ProjectInstantly test your cables by plugging them into this device

Instantly test your cables by plugging them into this device

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Cables are available in a range of styles, and trying to determine if there is a problem within one of their small wires can be difficult particularly without access to expensive tests equipment. To overcome this, TechKiwiGadgets created a small device, called”the cable tester with a touch screen with a range of types of connectors at both ends, allowing an USB as well as an RJ45 cable that can be connected to the device and later examined.

The board that was chosen to be used for the assignment was an Arduino Mega due to its huge amount of RAM and the GPIO pins. On top of that the ILI9325 2.8″ TFT display which displays the menu of the device that tracks cables and the status of the cable. TechKiwiGadgets has also developed, manufactured and assembled a customized cable tracer shield, which connects to an Arduino as well as reveals a mirror set of connectors at either side.

After placing it all together, putting the Touch Screen Cable Tracer together and putting it into an enclosure of your choice It was time to test it. There are two options (auto or manual) that are available to choose the type of cable to be employed. After the cable is identified and the Mega is able to detect it, the Mega attempts to move electricity through wires in order to take it in on the other side. If there is a problem it will be displayed in the display as an inaccessible conductor.

If this unit looks familiar, that’s because it was based on an earlier version previously covered on our blog. However, the Touch Screen Cable Tracer is 70% smaller than its predecessor and employs the custom shield and snap-together parts to eliminate meticulous soldering. More details on the device can be found in TechKiwiGadgets post here.

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