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Electrolube Launch A New Generation of Conformal Coatings, Thermal Gap Fillers at Productronica

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To improve the reliability of electronics even in the most extreme of conditions Electrolube, the world’s leading electrochemicals company, Electrolube, will launch its most innovative thermo management and conformal coating breakthroughs to date at this year’s Productronica (Messe Munich between November 16 and 19). One of the most important solutions for protection during the event will include an extremely thermally conductive gap filler that is suitable for a range of applications, including EV’s chargers and batteries to mention just a few. Also, the game-changing two-part bio-based conformal coat which is totally exclusive to the market; an absolute game changer. Electrolube will display their latest developments at Macdermid Alpha booth 466. Macdermid Alpha booth 466 in Hall A4.

One of Electrolube’s most significant breakthrough products is expected to change the direction of coatings in the market. Once again, Electrolube has embraced industry developments and developed a revolutionary conformal coating that has exceptional properties that can be applied whenever a coating is required and is suitable for use in automotive and electric vehicle applications. More details on Electrolube’s re-usable coating will be released prior to the launch and interested customers are able to learn more about Electrolube’s marketing and digital platforms.

Electrolube has decades of experience in protecting automobile electronic assemblies, which are subject to extreme temperatures and chemical attack by fluids, fuels, and salt mist atmospheres along with the high level of vibration and mechanical shock. Electrolube’s advanced protection products ensure the continuous operation of vital automotive control and safety-related parts. A vast amount of research has always been conducted in collaboration with Electrolube’s R&D groups located in three countries: the UK, China and India. The results of these innovations have been items of choice for top automotive electronics manufacturers in the world.

Innovating in thermal management, Electrolube will debut the new GF600 thermal gap filler. It is a two-part liquid silicone-based gap filler that offers outstanding thermal performance. It can be curing at room temperature, or accelerate by heating. After the curing process, GF600 forms a low modulus elastomer. This prevents the “pump-out” phenomenon. The gap filler that is low viscosity is simple to dispensate and is soft and pliable to be used in low stress applications. With a very large thermal conductivity, 6.0 W/m.K as well as a broad operating temperature range ranging from 50 to 200degC, flame-resistant GF600 is perfect for filling air voids and gaps especially in delicate devices that have little stress. It is designed to offer greater stability than traditional interfacing materials, the material is able to flow through all voids and tiny gaps in the connection between two surfaces, which allows for a minimal thickness of the bond line and little thermal resistance on the contact. GF600 also stays more stable throughout many thermal cycles.

Safety, performance, longevity and dependability require the most reliable protection materials that are available. Electrolube’s collection of thermal management products and encapsulation resins suitable for electric and automotive Vehicles and battery applications for EV batteries includes the thermally conductive epoxy-based potting compounds as well as conformal coatings, thermal management products.

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