NewsInfineon Introduces CoolMOS S7T with Integrated Temperature Sensor for Enhanced Electronics Performance

Infineon Introduces CoolMOS S7T with Integrated Temperature Sensor for Enhanced Electronics Performance

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Infineon’s CoolMOS S7T Revolutionizes Electronic Component Reliability

Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) has announced the launch of its CoolMOS™ S7T product family, featuring an integrated temperature sensor. This innovation is set to significantly improve the accuracy of junction temperature sensing in electronic applications, impacting their durability, safety, and efficiency positively.

CoolMOS S7T: Ideal for Solid-State Relay Applications

The CoolMOS S7T, particularly suited for solid-state relay (SSR) applications, boasts superior R DS(on) performance and a highly accurate embedded sensor. This combination enhances both performance and reliability, crucial for devices where SSRs are key components.

Benefits of Integrated Sensor in MOSFET

Integrating a temperature sensor within the superjunction MOSFET provides customers with numerous advantages. The innovative design improves relay performance and ensures reliable operation, even under overload conditions. This sensor offers up to 40% greater accuracy and a response time ten times faster than standard independent on-board sensors, enabling individual monitoring within multi-device systems.

Enhanced Efficiency and Load Handling

The CoolMOS S7T allows for optimal utilization of the power transistor, leading to enhanced performance and precise output stage control. Compared to electromechanical relays, the total power dissipation is significantly improved, while the efficiency is notably higher than current solid state triac solutions. This increased efficiency and higher load handling contribute to reduced power consumption and energy costs.

Improved Output Stage Performance and Reliability

With its unique output stage performance and high overcurrent threshold, the CoolMOS S7T bolsters relay reliability. This rugged switching solution minimizes the risk of failure and downtime, ensuring safer operation. The MOSFET’s increased robustness extends the relay’s life, leading to lower maintenance costs and less frequent replacement.

Availability of CoolMOS S7T

Engineering samples of the CoolMOS S7T, available in TOLL and starter kits, will be accessible starting February 2024. This release marks a significant advancement in Infineon’s portfolio, offering a cutting-edge solution for electronic component reliability and performance.

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