NewsInfineon Expands PSoC MCU Portfolio with AI-Enhanced PSoC Edge Family

Infineon Expands PSoC MCU Portfolio with AI-Enhanced PSoC Edge Family

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Introduction to PSoC Edge Microcontrollers

Infineon Technologies AG has enriched the semiconductor landscape by unveiling a new lineage of microcontrollers within its PSoC™ (Programmable System on Chip) series. The freshly introduced PSoC Edge family is distinguished by its high-performance, low-power ARM® Cortex®-based microcontrollers, infused with hardware-accelerated machine learning capabilities, aiming to elevate the computing and control applications to unprecedented levels of responsiveness and intelligence.

Enhancing End-User Experiences with PSoC Edge

These new microcontrollers are engineered to augment end products with superior intelligence and intuitive usability. By integrating machine learning acceleration and sophisticated human-machine interaction mechanisms, the PSoC Edge family enables devices to gain contextual awareness while safeguarding privacy and safety through embedded Infineon Edge Protect technologies.

Leadership Perspective on PSoC Edge’s Capabilities

The creation of PSoC Edge is a testament to Infineon’s extensive experience in developing powerful microcontroller-based systems that efficiently control, interact, and connect. These systems offer a balanced combination of scalable power, performance, and enhanced security, crucial for burgeoning AI/ML applications. Accompanied by a robust ecosystem, these microcontrollers are tailored to meet the evolving needs of artificial intelligence and machine learning deployments in various domains.

Advanced Technical Specifications of PSoC Edge

PSoC Edge devices are built upon the Arm Cortex-M55 platform, supplemented by Helium™ DSP and the Ethos-U55, alongside the Cortex-M33 paired with Infineon’s NNLite— a proprietary hardware accelerator. Such integration enables the acceleration of neural networks fundamental to machine learning and AI applications. The “always-on” sensing capability renders these devices exemplary for sophisticated IoT and industrial applications including smart homes, security systems, wearable technology, robotics, and beyond. The PSoC Edge family also boasts significant on-chip memories, inclusive of non-volatile RRAM, and supports high-speed, secured external memory.

Scalability and Software Portability with PSoC Edge

The PSoC Edge microcontrollers ensure scalability for complex intelligent systems and facilitate software reuse and portability, a necessary feature for next-generation applications. They enable seamless migration and upgrading from existing designs to more advanced graphical, vocal, auditory, and vision-based applications.

Comprehensive Development Support

Developers can exploit the potential of PSoC Edge through a wealth of resources provided by Infineon. The microcontrollers are backed by an ecosystem of partners, extensive documentation, and the ModusToolbox™ software, which boasts integration with Imagimob Studio AI solutions. Such support significantly accelerates the product development lifecycle.

ModusToolbox Software: A Flexible Development Suite

The ModusToolbox software platform encompasses an array of development tools, libraries, and runtime resources that accommodate a versatile development experience. It caters to various applications ranging from consumer IoT to industrial and smart home devices.

Edge AI Development with Imagimob Studio

Imagimob Studio, incorporated into the ModusToolbox environment, offers a comprehensive Edge AI development platform, streamlining the process from data acquisition to model deployment. With starter projects and pre-configured models, Imagimob simplifies the journey towards deploying cutting-edge machine learning models on edge devices in tandem with the PSoC Edge technology.

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