EducationHow Video Editing Is Deeply Impacted by Artificial Intelligence

How Video Editing Is Deeply Impacted by Artificial Intelligence

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Now you can edit your business and personal videos using artificial intelligence and machine learning software. The revolution in technology has enabled AI to change the dynamics of video making and editing. It has empowered humans to make more reliable and accurate decisions. AI has influential and unique properties like analyzing and causing the reaction, detecting errors, and adapting to action.

AI video editing is a technology that takes the burden of making error-free and perfect videos off your shoulder. Now you have the liberty to curate and distribute videos using an advanced video editor with the help of AI technology. Most of today’s greatest YouTube videos are made by AI algorithms which makes it possible for different backgrounds to understand them. AI helps in:

  • Testing the statistics of the video.
  • Collects information about who can see which part of the movie.
  • Rearranges visual content to provide more relevance to people.
  • Offers tons of customization options.

Benefits of Using AI in Video Editing

Here are some of the advantages of applying AI in video editing:

  1. AI helps editors to get the best angles, shots, and edits and use appropriate transitions and filters in the video.
  2. Helps beginners to organize their footage, cleaning up footage that would otherwise be time-consuming to edit manually.
  3. Makes video editing fun, efficient, and quick to edit.
  4. Offers various customization options that are automated to enhance your visual experience. It also provides users with the identification of facial recognition to help create customized messages.
  5. Applying AI in video editing is less expensive.
  6. AI makes your video clips more engaging by editing them to your liking. It also helps get the most relevant content. It also helps users find the best video clips and images for their videos.
  7. Video processing can be accelerated by artificial intelligence as AI can manipulate clips to make them more interesting.

How Do AI Systems Work?

The AI Video Editor is uniquely designed with lots of examples and is designed to write down and record your feedback. AI is all about applying AR masks, face and color filters, face retouching, and more which makes AI video editing more sophisticated than the humans who formulated it.

Let us understand some ways in which AI works in the video editing process:

Visual Analysis of Each Video Frame

AI, when used in video editing, greatly enhances object recognition, motion features, and audio analysis. You can use it in storytelling, which means identifying the main character in the video, sorting content according to context, and omitting inappropriate or irrelevant footage. AI helps in establishing the required audio content, selecting the best part of the video, and implementing methods to best tell the story of your video.

Improved Video Quality

You can now create a video for your business incorporating AI technology. It can use intelligent color correction, provide graphic elements, enhance image stabilization, implement background effects, and use other enhancements to emphasize important video objects and improve the content of your video. There are multiple online tools with easy to create video access.

Extreme Automation

It helps in the automation of expensive workflows, thus reducing the time, money, and effort involved in transcribing and subtitling videos, making content accessible to a wider audience.


AI helps in filtering inappropriate content and is already used by YouTube to remove unwanted content before it appears online.

Use of AI Video Editing

You can now create videos with enhanced AR filters, animated backgrounds, and AR overlay features, thus making your videos more attractive and unique. AI video editing also serves dynamic ads based on the user’s geography, language, and demographics.

Other Features

You can now use AI in video editing to:

  • Balance colors in videos captured by different cameras.
  • Create videos from text with a combination of AI and machine learning.
  • Recognition of face and emotional data in recorded video or live feeds. This allows you to create individual face galleries or use specific faces for identification purposes.
  • Short AI-generated videos to promote your video content based on action, people presence, activity, and emotional engagement.

Challenges of Using AI-Powered Video Editing Tools

Along with the advantages, there are some drawbacks. Below is a list of challenges that AI systems can face.

  • Not everyone can understand AI, and not all can use it effortlessly. To use high-end programming modules, you need to be technically trained, which can be a hindrance.
  • A complex editing process makes it difficult for AI to understand and polish it. Videos cannot be created from scratch – AI systems have some advantages, but you must provide enough data for the system to be able to use it.
  • Editing videos on an AI system means doing one thing at a time, thus eliminating the multi-tasking talent that humans have.

Can AI Video Editors Replace Humans?

AI has created quite a stir in the video marketing business. Video editing is incomplete without the application of AI; however, we cannot say that AI has completely replaced human talent. Human content creators use their intelligence and skills, which no technology can use. Let us see how:

  • Humans can apply their imaginative and storytelling techniques to videos that AI cannot think of.
  • Humans are creative, so they bring about ideas, whereas AI and ML can put these creative ideas to life, but their ability to explore new ways to create video content is still limited.
  • Humans can use their personal experiences in assessing the success and failure of videos, but AI isn’t well-equipped to work on such experiences. Machines have no memory, story-telling, or creative skills.
  • Most importantly, humans connect through emotions which is an integral part of video making. It is all about engaging with the viewers and getting your point through in the most understanding way. AI fails to deliver where sensitivity lies, and thus, such decisions are based on human intelligence.


AI-powered video editors like the one promoted by InVideo can structure and streamline your professional marketing videos. You can change the whole video editing game and make it smarter using automated tools.

AI can “interpret” videos, calibrate colors, stabilize images, remove obstructions, and use sophisticated algorithms. Editors are mastering smarter AI-assisted editing capabilities. And solutions, thus saving a lot of time, effort, money, and inconvenience.

AI promises to revolutionize video editing, but only as a supporting tool. As of now, a fully automated video editing process is just a dream. However, AI greatly helps simplify video editing and reduce time. Companies looking to create compelling videos with stunning visuals can now take advantage of this groundbreaking technology. So, if you want to create engaging videos, now is the time to take advantage of AI-empowered video editing.

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