NewsSTMicroelectronics accelerates development of innovative connected objects with smart STM32 wireless module

STMicroelectronics accelerates development of innovative connected objects with smart STM32 wireless module

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STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) is a world-class semiconductor company serving customers in a variety of electronic applications, is helping to increase productivity in the industrial sector and reduce pollution and waste through its wireless smart module. The module was designed to be used in industry 4.0 applications this module, called STM32WB5MMGH6, is designed to make use of ST’s wireless microcontrollers that are innovative in strong use cases such as I-care Group’s sophisticated device condition monitor.

The module offers an entire subsystem for wireless communications using widely used standards like Bluetooth Low Energy, Zigbee, and Thread. It comes with no-cost protocols stacks. Additionally, developers can utilize other protocols from proprietary vendors in the event that they prefer. The module integrates many vital components like the antenna and the match circuitry, the passives, as well as timing crystals. Pre-certifications for EMC Bluetooth LE 5.3 as well as Zigbee 3.0 as well as OpenThread simplify the required testing and approval process at the product level for the users, which helps save the development cost and speeds the time to market. Leading customers are already working to incorporate the STM32WB5MMGH6 component into new products. One instance can be I-care Group, a global manufacturer of machine health products, which provides continuous monitoring solutions to improve the performance of industrial equipment to guarantee optimal performance and prevent unplanned malfunctions and downtime.

The company’s Wi-care sensors are truly plug-and play wireless and continuous monitoring of assets. When integrated with I-see, Icare’s cloud-based, AI-driven analytics platform, it gives an all-inclusive maintenance 4.0 solution, which allows users to view the status of equipment and create maintenance schedules. I-care’s solutions ensure that more than 99percent of industrial breakdowns are prevented, machine downtime is cut by 10-20% and maintenance costs are cut by 35 to 45 percent. Fabrice Brion is the CEO of I-care has stated that “I-care is determined to become the leading company in the world in predictive and preventive maintenance.

The quick and effective manufacturing and distribution of our leading market-leading Wi-care sensors plays an essential aspect in our future growth plans. ST’s wireless STM32WB5MMGH6 module is an essential component of the Wi-care.” “Choosing an wireless module over creating a chip-down system is the most efficient method for developers to finish their designs,” said Hakim Jaafar General Manager – BLE/802.15.4 MCU STMicroelectronics. “The STM32WB5MMGH6 model is based on our STM32WB55 wireless MCU , and totally supported by ST and STi, makes this method faster, more simple and cheaper than ever before.” Its STM32WB5MMGH6TR is now in production and is available for new designs. Its price starts starting at $6 for 10,000 pieces. It is backed by ST’s 10 year product long-term commitment to ensure long-term availability of components for industrial use. More technical details The STM32WB55 MCU that powers the STM32WB5MMGH6 is equipped with the Arm(r) Cortex(r)-M4 Core designed for applications-level processing, and a Cortex-M0+ dedicated to the management of the integrated radio that ensures the highest level of performance in both domains.

The MCU is loaded with plenty of RAM on-chip that is especially useful when using through the Thread protocol. The most popular use cases are the wireless control and communication of gadgets, such as remote sensors and smart door locks. printers, PC accessories and infrastructure equipment such as smart-building gateways and network gateways. Multi-protocol technology in the radio provides flexibility and facilitates administration of devices and fleets. Designers working with the STM32WB5MMGH6 model benefit from the broad STM32 microcontroller development platform that includes tools free of charge, like the STM32CubeMX configurator, as well as software such as the STM32CubeWB MCU program. This package provides essential embedded-development resources, including production-ready MISRA C and ISO/TS 16949 compliant Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) and low-layer APIs, FatFS file system, FreeRTOS, communication-protocol stacks, and code examples.

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