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High speed, high accuracy RF power measurements up to an unrivalled 67 GHz with the R&SNRP67S/SN power sensors

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Rohde & Schwarz has increased the maximum measurable frequency of its three-path diode power sensors
to an unrivalled 67 GHz. The three-path technology enables extremely fast and accurate power
measurements with a high-sensitivity, portable instrument of minimum size and weight. This frequency
extension makes high speed power measurements possible for additional applications such as IEEE
802.11ay and 802.11ad WiGig Wireless LAN, millimeter-wave terrestrial short distance communication links,
and satellite-satellite links operating at 60 GHz.

The new R&S NRP67S and R&S NRP67SN power sensors introduce a frequency range unprecedented in a
diode power sensor, reaching from 50 MHz all the way up to 67 GHz. Combined with the advantages of the
unique Rohde & Schwarz three-path diode technology, a wide dynamic range from -70 dBm to 20 dBm, and
a high measurement speed of 10,000 measurements per second, users benefit from extremely fast power
measurements with unsurpassed accuracy and dynamic range previously not possible at these frequencies.
With the latest WiFi and Wireless HD standards operating above 57 GHz now supported, as well as
practically all other wireless communication technologies in use, the R&S NRP67S/SN is a near universal
tool for wireless infrastructure power measurements.
All R&S NRPxxS power sensors with their portable format are ideal for installation, maintenance, or
monitoring applications, both locally or remote. They can be used connected to an R&S NRX power meter,
selected Rohde & Schwarz signal generators and analyzers, or a PC with the R&S NRPV virtual power
meter software installed. In addition, the R&S NRPxxSN includes an Ethernet interface to support remote
operation via LAN. The devices support the industry standard USBTMC protocol, making integration into test
systems easy.

Michal Pukala
Electronics and Telecommunications engineer with Electro-energetics Master degree graduation. Lightning designer experienced engineer. Currently working in IT industry.