The RSOE-Z (1 watt) as well as RSE-Z(2 watts)provide complete industrial-grade efficiency at a competitive cost. The 4:1 input voltages of small 12V (4.5-18V) or 24V (9-36V) means that 5V, 12V, 24V, or 28V controlled or uncontrolled battery-powered supplies can be made use of. Under convection air conditioning, complete output power is available with an ambient temperature level from -40 ° C up to +75 ° C as well as up to +85 ° C with power derating.

The converters are available in a portable SIP8 commercial criterion bundle (21.8 x 9.2 x 11.1 mm) as well as have 2kVDC seclusion as well as a CTRL pin. The RSOE-Z as well as RSE-Z are pin and function compatible to the RSO, RS, RS3, and also RS6 collection for simple upgrades on existing PCBs. The converters attain effectiveness of as much as 80% at full load. At low load, numerous converters fall short to preserve their complete tons performances, yet the RSOE-Z as well as RSE-Z series still accomplish over 65% effectiveness at 15% lots. The tight output law ( ± 0.5%) shields the result versus any abrupt adjustment in the input voltage, and they are overload and also continuous short circuit secured. Class A EMC degrees can be reached with a basic line inductor filter, and class B conformity can be met with a cost-saving common-mode input filter. The datasheet includes element recommendations for both course An and B EMC filters. The RSOE-Z as well as RSE-Z are both fully certified according to UL/IEC60950 and UL/IEC/EN 62368-1 with CB record as well as feature RECOM’s conventional three-year guarantee. Samples as well as OEM prices are readily available from all accredited distributors or directly from RECOM.