NewsEverything to know about Raspberry Pi Pico GPIO Expansion

Everything to know about Raspberry Pi Pico GPIO Expansion

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It’s interesting to know that a lot of people are interested in hardware and software that are building a great future for the world. Raspberry Pi Foundation is one of the great companies in the industry that always come with a lot of surprises to their users. This time Raspberry Pi Foundation developed a powerful device Raspberry Pi Pico that is powered by micro-controller RP2040. It is a compact microcontroller board that would make the work easier for the users which will raise the quality of the products. Some users want to purchase Raspberry Pi Pico for their projects but they would also need a GPIO Expansion pin so that they do not have to solder the circuits with the Raspberry Pi Pico. SB Components know about the struggles that might be faced by the users that is why they develop Raspberry Pi Pico GPIO Expansion. In this blog, we’ll discuss this powerful device in detail so that more people can learn about Raspberry Pi Pico GPIO Expansion to make an informed decision.

Raspberry Pi Pico GPIO Expansion

A lot of you probably want to know about the Raspberry Pi Pico GPIO Expansion board. SB Components is the developer of the Raspberry Pi Pico GPIO Expansion board that has an output voltage of 3.3V. A user can utilize the Raspberry Pi Pico GPIO Expansion board to break out all the pins and power of the Raspberry Pi Pico development board via two ways(male or female header). It would make the users connect the Raspberry Pi Pico board with other sensors or modules that would make things easier for the users. It would be a magnificent step for the people who want to develop projects with the help of Raspberry Pi Pico. SB Components have a dream that more people would learn the hardware and software that raise the numbers of advanced products in the world. They took care of the interface and design of the product so that more people would be interested while developing a project. Raspberry Pi Pico GPIO Expansion


SB Components took care of the design of the Raspberry Pi Pico GPIO Expansion so that more people can use it efficiently. It would be a greater thing for the people who are using Raspberry Pi Pico Board as the GPIO Expansion would provide them a way to connect various modules. It will increase the efficiency of both the users as well as products that would be better for the technology world. Some people spend their time soldering the external modules like sensors to the microcontroller that sometimes become boring for the people. Now a user can easily connect their modules with the Raspberry Pi Pico with any of the HAT or modules in a way that would save their time and make things interesting for them.

Raspberry Pi Pico GPIO Expansion Board


  • Interface – Male and female connection
  • Compatibility – Raspberry Pi Pico
  • Connectors – Jumper Cable


  • Male and Female Berg Connector Interface
  • Jumper cable connector
  • Easy to Interface
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi Pico


  • Connect multiple Boards
  • Automatic Hand Sanitizer
  • Robotic Car
  • Weighing Machine
  • Traffic lights
  • Weather monitoring
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