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Microchip adding HD graphics processing to PIC32

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Understanding microchip adding HD graphics processing to PIC32

When it comes to the 32 bit PIC32 microcontroller range, the microchip has actually added HD graphics controller along with the 32MB of SD-RAM. This graphics controller attached to the microchip, is basically for the 2D graphics in order to make the embedded graphics products including high quality animations and images. These animations and images created by this graphical process will be up to 12 inch for the greater results. When considering multiple input & output formats, there is up to 24 bit color available with the CLUT which is also known as global color palette look-up table. This CLUT actually includes the 256 built-in color supports for amazing graphic needs of the users.

pic32 graphics


Amazing graphics using microchips

All the end users should need to effectively use the color depth and other arguments of the graphics card in order to achieve the accurate color matches for your branding.

pic32 graphics

  • One considerable argument is the sprite engine for the animation which has the best capability of the programmable raster operations including ROP3 and ROP4. At the similar time, it is always for the hardware accelerators, transparency and alpha blending.
  • Hardware accelerators factors are basically for the bit block transfer such as filter, shrink and stretch.
  • Other than these factors, rectangle operations including clear & fill, and line draw are also the main operations of the sprite engine.
  • PIC32 microchip or microcontroller actually includes an amazing characteristic of the best sprite engine along with the 3 independent composition layers with the integrated DMA controller. This DMA controller is basically suitable to offload the clipping inside the CPU, transparency and also the rotation in the varied angles such as 90 degrees, 180 degrees and 270 degrees.
  • DDR2 is actually known as the 32 MB SD-RAM which is added to the microcontroller by the process of die-stacking.



Other features of PIC32 microcontroller

When the users of the PIC32 microchip or microcontroller need some more memory to store your high quality images and animations, it allows you to add the external memory interface up to 128 MB to store more animations. Similarly, there are wonderful graphics content creation tools to its effective MPLAB development graphical environment. For the animation and image development, these tools are really great to use. This environment can deal with both landscape & portrait orientation and any screen resolution. Likewise, there is another facility which assists the animation development of the display drivers.

pic32 graphics

For the beginners who are all new to this microchip, there are basically two hardware starter kits existing over there. One is available with the remote memory chip and another one is available with the stacked DRAM. Both these starter kits usually have a micro SD connector, Ethernet, raspberry Pi compatible 20 way headers, USB and also SQI flash. Multimedia expansion board II is also available there with the 4.3 inch WQVGA touch screen which is enabled by the multiple features including VGA camera, 24 bit 24 bit stereo audio codec, maXTouch, Bluetooth HCI transceiver, 802.11 b/b wireless module, microSD slot, temperature sensor and also analog accelerometer.

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