NewsGuerrilla RF Introduces GRF2110: Ultra-Low Noise Amplifier for Broadband Applications

Guerrilla RF Introduces GRF2110: Ultra-Low Noise Amplifier for Broadband Applications

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Guerrilla RF Unveils GRF2110 for High-Performance Broadband Tuning

Guerrilla RF, Inc. (OTCQX: GUER) announces the production release of the GRF2110, an ultra-low noise amplifier designed for a range of applications. This new device delivers a remarkably flat gain response over a 5 to 8 GHz broadband tune, making it suitable for various high-frequency applications.

Technical Specifications of GRF2110

Operating at 6 GHz, the GRF2110 achieves 16.3 dB of gain, 22 dBm of OP1dB compression, and 38 dBm of OIP3 linearity. It also features a low noise figure of 1.2 dB, with de-embedded NF values approximately 0.2dB lower. The amplifier’s flexible biasing architecture allows for adjustments in linearity and power consumption, accommodating supply voltages between 2.7 and 6 V.

Application Versatility

Jim Ahne, vice president of automotive and 5G products at Guerrilla RF, highlights the GRF2110’s suitability for satellite communications, aeronautical telemetry, radar, ISM, WiFi 6E, and 5G cellular infrastructure. Particularly, it targets new n96, n102, and n104 bands in the 5.9 to 7.2GHz range. The GRF2110 is designed to enhance system receiver sensitivity and combat link impairments due to blocker interference.

Optimized Design and Packaging

The GRF2110 uses Guerrilla RF’s 1.5 x 1.5 mm DFN-6 package, offering a compact design that is compatible with over 30 devices. This modular approach provides flexibility for different frequency, gain, noise figure, compression, and linearity requirements, benefiting from design speed and agility.

Benefits and Impact on Industry

The GRF2110 is a testament to Guerrilla RF’s commitment to developing advanced amplifier technology. Its blend of low noise, high linearity, and compression performance makes it a significant contribution to enhancing broadband communication technologies and supporting the evolving demands of the wireless industry.

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