DevicesGenesys plus - 1U rack PSU delivers 5kW

Genesys plus – 1U rack PSU delivers 5kW

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Actually TDK Lambda was introduced the excellent series of systematic single output power supplies which could deliver the 5kW from the 1u rack mount. In fact zero stack operation means that might be inserted in the rack and four of the rack are paralleled to fabricate the 20kw. Supply of the power supply first series is called as the Genesys+ and power density might be doubled between the generations and it increased the efficiency up to 93%.

genesys power supply
Genesys 5kW 1u Series (source:

To know about the input options of 1U rack PSU delivers 5kW

There are five output options such as 0-10V (500A), 0‑20V (250A), 0-30V (170A), 0-300V (17A) and 0-600V (8.5A). But now only three input options are there which includes

  • 170-265 Vac
  • 342-460 Vac
  • 342-528 Vac

One of the studies says that DSP is only helpful to maximize the performance such as faster sliding between the voltage levels and for that reasons only people interested to choose the original Genesys series. In fact the subject of arbitrary, agility waveform profiles like car battery stimulation at vehicle might start up to 100 steps that could be generated. It consists of the two users programmable drain output pins that is widely useful to operate the external devices like load disconnect relays. Once you paralleled the system then it might be completely automatic and outputs are tied together to control the daisy chained ports. Luckily new series of this system comes with the control so that is compatible to both Z+ models and original Genesys. However it is using the same communication signals and protocols. Generally all kinds of the functions might be programmed through remotely or front panel with the help of LAN, RS232/485 or USB 2.0. This kind of the power supply system is consisting of the monitoring interface and isolated analogue control. Fortunately it is also designed with the excellent numbers of safety features like

  • Safe to restart
  • Last setting memory
  • Auto restart
  • Built in protective functions

With the help of safe start configuration, a power supply will return the last operational settings but keep in mind output disabled after the power interruption. Auto restart features are retuning the output power supply to the last used operation setting. As well as “last setting memory will retain the settings which includes output current, under voltage, over voltage, output voltage, output off or on and start up mode. In fact blank front panel is available in the remote only operation version.

Applications of the 1U rack PSU delivers 5kW

Basically this power supply system is containing the safety certifications like IEC/EN/UL 60950-1 along with the CE marking for RoHS, EMC and LV directives. This kind of the series might confirm to the industrial atmosphere such as IEC/EN61326-1 standard to radiated EMI and EMC immunity. It is widely used in the most of the applications such as powering test systems in the component, semiconductor fabrication, plating, solar array simulation, water treatment, automotive and aerospace testing so it could offer some benefits.


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