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Linx Technologies Expands Splatch Antenna Series with New GNSS Antenna for IoT Devices

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Linx Technologies, a developer and manufacturer of antennas and connectors, recently introduced a surface-mount embedded global navigation satellite system (GNSS) antenna designed to work with GPS, Galileo, Beidou, QZSS systems in L1/E1/B1 bands. Part of their Splatch antenna series and specifically tailored for small devices in the Internet of Things market – Linx’s new ANT-GNL1-nSP antenna supports these GNSS constellations in L1/E1/B1.

Rick Stuby, Vice President of Product Management states that this antenna demonstrates high performance in an extremely compact surface-mount package – making it especially ideal for small devices. The ANT-GNL1-nSP antenna stands out with its small dimensions (10mm x 8mm x 1 mm), featuring linear polarization and an omnidirectional radiation pattern.

An omnidirectional radiation pattern refers to an antenna which emits radio waves evenly in all directions around its axis, without favoring any particular one. This allows signals from any direction to reach it without physical orientation or tracking; making this type of radiation pattern ideal for broadcasting or mobile communications where signals need to be received simultaneously from multiple directions.

ANT-GNL1-nSP antennas come in tape and reel packaging and are ideal for direct reflow solder mounting to printed circuit boards for high-volume applications. Now part of TE Connectivity’s portfolio, customers can expect reliable and superior connectivity solutions from Linx Technologies.

As IoT devices proliferate, demand for compact yet high-performing antennas has skyrocketed. Linx Technologies’ introduction of their ANT-GNL1-nSP antenna is part of their effort to meet this rising demand while offering solutions for IoT market expansion.

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