NewsQuantinuum Launches H2 Quantum Processor, Enabling Fault Tolerant Quantum Computing

Quantinuum Launches H2 Quantum Processor, Enabling Fault Tolerant Quantum Computing

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Quantinuum announces the launch of the H2 quantum processor, which is the highest-performing quantum computer ever built, marking a significant step towards fault-tolerant quantum computing. The H2 is powered by Honeywell and follows extensive pre-launch work with global partners. The development of the H2 processor is a critical step towards achieving universal fault-tolerant quantum computing. One of the first experiments conducted on H2 by scientists from Quantinuum demonstrated a new state of matter, a non-Abelian topologically ordered state, and was published in a pre-print of a detailed scientific paper that has been made available on arXiv. Due to the differentiating features and precision control of the H2 processor, the topological state was created in a way where its properties could be precisely controlled in real-time, demonstrating the creation, braiding, and annihilation (measurement) of non-Abelian anyons.

The H2 features initially include 32 fully-connected, high-fidelity qubits and an all-new architecture that advances the System Model H1’s linear design. The unique “racetrack” design of the System Model H2 enables all-to-all connectivity between qubits, meaning that every qubit in the H2 can directly be pairwise entangled with any other qubit in the system. Additionally, the new design is a powerful step towards showing the scaling potential of ion-trap devices. The System Model H2 includes numerous hallmark features that collectively set it apart from other types of quantum computers: all-to-all connectivity, qubit reuse, mid-circuit measurement with conditional logic, industry-leading high-fidelity qubit operations, and long coherence times. The H2 launches with a Quantum Volume 65,536, surpassing the last record announced using H1-1 in February of this year.

Tony Uttley, President and COO of Quantinuum, said, “With our second-generation system, we are entering a new phase of quantum computing. H2 highlights the opportunity to achieve valuable outcomes that are only possible with a quantum computer. The development of the H2 processor is also a critical step in moving towards universal fault tolerant quantum computing.”

This achievement demonstrates that it is only a matter of time until the Quantinuum hardware demonstrates the best path to fault tolerance. The creation and manipulation of non-Abelian anyons to create topological qubits is another example that when incredible tools are given to brilliant people, they will find something amazing to do with them. The implications for society are significant, and the future of quantum computing is exciting.

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