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Advantech and Raven Partner to Offer Smart Factory Solution for Proactive Edge Intelligence and Real-time Analytics

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 But, they are still one of the top attractions for foreign visitors. Advantech is the world’s leading manufacturer for industry Internet of Things (IoT) automation and hardware technologies and Raven the pioneer of software that provides data context for frontline operations, unveiled the launch of a joint solution that will allow manufacturers and systems integrators to quickly deploy cutting-edge technology for intelligence while utilizing data analysis to improve. Advantech’s touch-panel computers along with smart controllers in conjunction along with Raven software, allow users to quickly enhance the efficiency of the efficiency of factory floor operations as well as safety management and sustainability initiatives to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Edge intelligence technologies is the use for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to devices at the edge of networks, like IoT gadgets or equipment for industrial use. Edge intelligence technology allows instantaneous analysis and take action on data that is generated near the source instead of sending it to a central storage center or cloud to process it. Edge intelligence solutions are used in a variety of applications, such as the prediction of maintenance, quality control security management, and the optimization of operational efficiency.
The Smart Factory solutions have been designed to enable proactive actions in edge applications for factories and asset management. Their all-in-one communication protocol offers comprehensive features like real-time data collection and visualization, production status tracking, quick asset allocation/reallocation decisions, proactive alerts and advanced edge analytics.

Raven’s technology and real time reporting enable organizations to accurately track 100% of their production loss and time using the visual database platform providing information from both humans and machines. Additionally, companies can concentrate on sustainability by gathering the necessary data that will support carbon-neutral operations.

“Raven is thrilled to join Advantech on this important mission of helping manufacturers implement sustainable improvements using data-driven insights and driving ROI from Industry 4.0 initiatives,” according to Paul Turner, President and Chief Operating Officer at Raven.

“Together, we will offer IoT intelligence systems and edge devices coupled with automated contextualization software that seamlessly collect data across a factory floor while engaging frontline workers and creating a complete, contextualized timeline of production events. This combined offering equips operational excellence engineers with an invaluable toolkit for real-time visibility into performance analysis as well as root cause identification that enables frontline teams to diagnose inefficiencies quickly.”

Our customizable and flexible solution allows simultaneous delivery of multiple sophisticated key operational functions such as monitoring of machine status alarms, asset data management, processing rule management profiles and event reporting as well as the development of custom functions. Advantech WISE makes the transition from old systems to advanced factory edge technology simple and smooth. Compatible with top SaaS (Software as a Service) suites making switching an effortless experience. Advantech WISE-iFactory is a industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform that allows enterprises to set up, operate and manage IoT devices and applications on a massive scale. The software tools offered by SPI provide devices administration, collection of data and analytics that aid companies in optimizing production processes. They can improve effectiveness and efficiency, cut down on downtime and increase overall effectiveness of equipment (OEE). The WISE-iFactory platform is an open architecture which supports different protocols and interfaces to allow effortless integration in existing applications and systems. It was designed to meet the requirements of markets for industrial automation like transportation, manufacturing and energy, its application by clients spans the industries of these sectors is widely used.

“Our exciting partnership with Raven is all about providing outstanding services to our valued customers,” said Carolyn Swan, Director of Partnerships at Advantech North America IIoT Group. With Raven’s innovative smart factory software platform that allows data contextualization, and Advantech’s custom constructed hardware, we’re pleased to offer an all-in-one solution that enables real-time visualization of operations as in addition to other capabilities for monitoring in real-time of operational processes. customers won’t be able to find more efficient!

Advantech hardware components for this solution comprise a variety of smart panel PCs and the UNO-2271G, an advanced industrial IoT gateway that operates on Intel the CPU. When paired together with Advantech Touch-panel Computers, this device can provide live monitoring (RTM) as well as data collection, storage for computing dashboards for notifications. Human machine interface compatible (HMI) solutions for factory edge products each feature IP65 front panels that can be used in areas where dust or moisture might be present.

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