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A Guide for Solving the PS56 Black Screen Issue

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The most recent PS5 model is getting praise for its high resolution of 8K and the massive support for 4k resolution. Therefore, you’ll enjoy the most immersive gaming experience, with a wide-screen display which enhance the gaming experience.

Despite its speedy loading speed, many players have been experiencing a problem. Users who use their PS5 console and televisions often experience black-outs on the screen.

Many players had said that when they switched off the console, the game started to open first. The TV’s screen popped up with the PlayStation logo. Then, at the moment of that, the screen turned completely black and failed to display any content. A few people have reported that their screen was displaying an error message “No HDMI signal found.”

This issue can be a nuisance and is often a frequent problem for the majority of PS5 users. There are solutions to fix this issue. Therefore, continue reading to find out more about the best ways to deal with this issue and what you must take care of if you experience the black screen that keeps appearing when using PS5.

What is the reason for the Black Screen Happen with PS5?

There are a variety of reasons to this black screen issue using PS5.

  • Most of the time this occurs because it is the HDMI connectivity between the TV and console has been cut off. It can also occur due to a loosely-connected or damaged cable.
  • However, there are additional factors that could be contributing to the issue. For instance, if a PS5 gaming output is greater than the resolution maximum of the TV model and the screen is black, then the black screen could be a possibility.
  • This happens because the PS5 does not alter its resolution according to the limit on resolution of the TV. Therefore, if the resolution is less than the limit you want it will not be able to display images, and will show black screens. Therefore, getting a TV that supports 4K is a better option if you’re buying PS5. PS5.
  • Certain experts have also stated that software issues can cause frequently black screens. For instance, if your PS5 software isn’t updated or isn’t compatible with TV’s software, you might be experiencing this issue.
  • Another reason for the black screen is hardware issue. If the device’s hardware is damaged This can occur at times.
  • When your console is not start properly it could result in the screen becoming black.
  • Certain experts suggest that the rest mode can cause a black screen. If the console is not exiting the rest mode properly the console could abruptly switch back to the rest mode which could result in a black screen.

Methods to Fix the PS5 Black Screen

However, there are ways to repair the black screen. Butbefore you do you do that, be sure to look at the HDMI cable’s condition. When the HDMI cable appears damaged, torn or damaged, or is not connected, there is no way to assist. In addition, you should select the right HDMI channel for connectivity between your TV and the console.

If you’re making use of the HDMI splitter, make sure to check the condition of the splitter. Be sure you join the PS5 directly to your TV in order to avoid issues with connectivity.

Here are some methods you could try.

1. Perform A Force Shut Down

A forced shutdown may often fix the problem of the black screen. This is the step-by-step procedureto follow

  • Long press to increase the power
  • Release it after hearing two consecutive sounds. Usually it takes anywhere from four to eight seconds.
  • Then, you should wait for a couple of minutes.
  • Then, turn to the PS5 by holding the power button.

2. Start your PS5 in the Safe Mode

If forced Shutdown fails Try to boot the device in safe mode and restart it after clearing the cached data. In this case,

  • Turn off your
  • After that, press the power button until you hear two consecutive sounds. It is only seven to eight minutes.
  • Now connect your DualSense controller to your PS5.
  • Then, choose the option to restart.

3. Change the Resolution in the Safe Mode

In the event that safe mode isn’t working, it is due to resolution issue. In this instance you could reduce the resolution to safe mode to make sure it’s compatible with the TV model you have. This is the step-by-step procedureto follow

  • Then, switch off your
  • Then, press the power button until you hear two beeps.
  • Then, connect the DualSense controller to your PS5
  • Select the next option. Restart to reboot your controller into safe mode.
  • Then, click “Change the Video Output.”
  • On the next screen, choose “Change Resolution.”
  • Then, wait until the console starts to reboot automatically.
  • Then, from the options that are available, select the resolution you prefer.

Following the resolution change after the resolution change, the PS5 will be able to restart in normal mode. You’ll notice that games are running normaly, and there’s no black screen. However, you must make sure you have the Rest Mode is turned off. If not the black screen may be seen again after a while.

If you’re using rest mode on your PS5 You can try deactivating this mode. This step-by-step tutorial will help you.to follow

  • Then, you must open “Settings.”
  • Next, click on “System.”
  • Then, choose “Power conserving” from the options available.
  • Enter the timer until you want your console enter rest mode.
  • Then, choose “Do not enter rest mode.”
  • Save all the

What to do if PS5 did not Display on TV?

Then you can say that the PS5 is in excellent state. However, the TV doesn’t show anything , and it has a blank screen. Perhaps the TV is having problems with your HDMI ports or channels. As we’ve said previously it is the HDMI cable issue or channel issue usually leads to a black screen on PS5.

If your TV doesn’t include the HDMI port, changing to a TV that has one HDMI connector is recommended. It is likely that you will need to switch the cable if it has one with an HDMI connection.

1. Change Your HDMI Cable

Verify that the PS5 is on. You are in good condition if it switches on with a white light that glows. This means you must test this HDMI cable. You can test the cable using any other device, such as laptops or computers. If the cable is working on other devices correctly the cable is not compatible to the device or television you’re using.

The PS5 bundle box includes the HDMI 2.1 cable. If the cable has been damaged it is necessary replacement.

Choose the HDMI 2.1 cable that’s compatible with the TV model you have. Alternately, you could make use of the HDMI 2.0 cable.

2. Pick the Correct Channel

The next thing to do is verify that you’ve chosen the correct channels for the console you are using. The majority of TVs have many HDMI channels but you could select the wrong channel, which will result in a blank screen. You must select an appropriate channel that can support your game’s resolution. Switch between ports to determine which is working. If you discover the correct one, be sure to rename the channel and label it and the port it’s on for future use.

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