NewsWorldsensing Unveils Groundbreaking Vibration Meter for Enhanced Remote Monitoring

Worldsensing Unveils Groundbreaking Vibration Meter for Enhanced Remote Monitoring

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Worldsensing Introduces Advanced Wireless Sensor for Remote Monitoring

Worldsensing, a leader in the Internet of Things (IoT) remote monitoring sphere, has recently launched its latest innovation, The Vibration Meter. This wireless sensor stands out in the market for its capability to measure vibrations in extensive, continuous monitoring projects. Incorporating a tri-axial MEMS accelerometer, the new device boasts a longer battery lifespan, an expanded communications range, and a pricing structure that is more competitive than current vibration monitoring technologies. Furthermore, it adheres to essential regulatory standards.

Enhancing Worldsensing’s Portfolio with Regulatory Compliance

The Vibration Meter is a significant addition to Worldsensing’s array of wireless monitoring solutions. It is specially designed to aid engineering service providers in adhering to building integrity regulations. These include the German standard DIN 4140-3, its British counterpart BS 7385-2, and the ISO 2631-2, which focuses on vibrations’ impact on individuals.

Timely Launch in an Era of Heightened Regulatory Focus

The release of The Vibration Meter is timely, as regulatory bodies are increasingly focusing on industries known for high-vibrational activities. The heightened regulatory scrutiny is aimed at ensuring the safety and stability of infrastructures in sectors such as construction, mining, and off-highway industries. This shift also emphasizes the protection of building integrity and the well-being of communities near construction sites.

Extended Unattended Operation with Exceptional Network Range

The device is equipped with an innovative algorithm capable of detecting threshold violations of vibration-related parameters like LAW/PPV and frequency. It continuously collects data at a rate of 1,000 MHz, which is then transmitted through a cellular gateway to management tools utilized by engineering service providers. The Vibration Meter leverages Worldsensing’s Long Range (LoRa) antenna, offering up to 15 kilometers of network range and compatibility with other Worldsensing devices and pre-established networks.

Long Battery Life and All-Weather Functionality

Powered by a 3.6 V D-size user-replaceable, high-energy density battery, The Vibration Meter promises up to two years of battery life with a 30-minute reporting period and event occurrences every 2 to 3 minutes. This robust technology is also designed to operate in diverse weather conditions, functioning efficiently in temperatures ranging from -40 ⁰C to 80 ⁰C.

Global Impact and Real-Time Data Acquisition

With over 3,000 networks deployed worldwide and 170,000 active devices, Worldsensing has facilitated real-time data acquisition from geotechnical structural sensors. This advancement has empowered industrial companies to connect and monitor infrastructures remotely, even in the most inaccessible locations.

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