NewsVIAVI Adds 400G Performance to OneAdvisor 800 Family of Field Testers

VIAVI Adds 400G Performance to OneAdvisor 800 Family of Field Testers

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VIAVI Solutions today introduced a 400G module to the OneAdvisor 800. It provides an advanced transport test for 400G and maintenance functions for network and business service technicians who work on the ground. With its transmission protocol as well as fiber network modularity with its fiber network modularity, the OneAdvisor 800 offers unprecedented testing efficiency for technicians that must carry their equipment to the field.

With its roots in wireless testing Based on its wireless testing roots, the OneAdvisor 800 consolidates key transport tests with an easy-to-use procedure and automated reporting. OneAdvisor 800 enables suppliers of services, device makers and system integrators with the ability to meet the speed of work and coverage requirement of building out networks and maintaining them. Fast, accurate, and with long battery life , and efficient heat dissipation. OneAdvisor 800 is engineered with field technicians in mind.

“Service providers around the world are searching for ways to provide the field personnel with solutions that allow an efficient test and troubleshooting procedure, as well as achieving a faster rate of return. OneAdvisor 800 OneAdvisor 800 provides this in an unmatched way. can with a feature that meets the needs of a wide network, including 400G.” stated Kevin Oliver Vice General Manager and President of Converged Instruments and , Virtual Testat VIAVI. “With the ability to carry all they need into the field, technicians reach a new level of skill and efficiency, even with minimal or no training.”

By combining the OneAdvisor 800 capabilities technicians working out in the field are able to test transport (400G ZR/ZR+/coherent) and fiber (OTDR optical spectrum analysis, bi-directional fiber certificate) environments. Furthermore, OneAdvisor 800 allows wireless groups to easily integrate wireless testing capabilities (LTE 5G, 5G, C-RAN O-RAN) depending on their needs in the near future. The platform makes use of VIAVI Test Process Automation (TPA) which helps teams to deliver top-quality test results at the first go every time. Additionally, there are FiberComplete Pro, which is a set of fiber testing and certification tools that enable field technicians to swiftly efficiently, effectively and reliably test and troubleshoot every fiber link. With the addition of 400G field test capability for OneAdvisor 800 VIAVI provides the market’s most comprehensive set of test options that go beyond 400G, which includes solutions for system development and testing (ONT 800G) as well as coherent optical communication testing (MAP 300), and the field (including OneAdvisor 1000).

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