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Infineon and Sleepiz enable high-precision sleep monitoring at home based on radar technology

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Millions of people suffer from sleep disorders. According to research conducted by scientists*, approximately one billion have sleep apnea. This is breathing that is interrupted throughout the night. It can cause a myriad of negative health effects, such as snoring and fatigue during the day, and more complicated issues like diabetes and heart disease. The process of diagnosing sleep apnea can be difficult and typically involves watching the patient in a sleep lab in a stressful setting that could result in a deviation from the results.

To address the issue, Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFNNY, IFX, OTCQX) has teamed up together with Sleepiz AG, a Swiss digital health firm. Together, they offer an easy-to-use solution for sleeping monitoring at home. It can be integrated with any smart home gadget, in size from bed lights to smart speakers. Built upon Infineon The XENSIV 60GHz radar tech and Sleepiz’s proven algorithms, the solution is targeted towards customers who are addressing the wider consumer market.

“Infineon’s XENSIV radar sensors are a wonderful option to use in healthcare as they can be used to precisely measure vital indicators such as breathing rate and heartbeat with no contact to the human body and without stepping upon privacy” explained Philipp von Schierstaedt who is the Senior Vice General Manager and President Radio Frequency & Sensors at Infineon. “Together along with Sleepiz, Infineon has developed an innovative sleep monitoring system to integrate into smart devices for healthcare and home that is extremely precise. We’re eager to improve the quality of sleep and the health of our customers.”

“With Infineon’s long-standing radar experience as well as our knowledge in analyzing sleep-related and respiratory disorders and illnesses and disorders, we can make sleep monitoring user-friendly while providing precise information. Together we offer sleep lab technology to the consumer and let them monitor their health and sleep in the comfort of their home,” added Dr. Soumya Sunder Dash, the CEO and Co-founder of Sleepiz. “Jointly we create an entirely new market for advanced sleep monitoring in the home. Our software allows medically-grade data accessible to everyone.”

Understanding vital data can assist thousands of people and physicians recognize sleep disorders, such as apnea, to enhance the quality of sleep. Because of the Infineon XENSIV 60-GHz radar technology, pertinent vital sign data are collected completely anonymously and without identifying the individual. Because of the high sensitivities, the technology is able to detect this data and detect sub-millimeter movement of the person closest to the device via various materialslike blankets. The data is analysed using Machine Learning (ML) algorithms developed by Sleepiz and then stored as a private data in a cloud that is accessible to users to access.

Sleepiz has conducted numerous clinical studies in conjunction with top clinics, such as Charite Berlin, Ruhrlandklink Essen, and with various other researchers in sleep, testing the reliability the algorithms they use. As a manufacturer of medical devices, Sleepiz has already sold medical devices for monitoring sleep using the Infineon radar system to physicians across Switzerland and Germany currently. The two companies want to collaborate in transforming the consumer market , and integrate their product into smart speakers as well as other smart home devices.

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