NewsUpdating Production-Line inspections Efficiency for 5G Devices

Updating Production-Line inspections Efficiency for 5G Devices

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Simultaneous Announcement of New 24-port RF Test Module and New Compact Chassis

1Anritsu Corporation is pleased to introduce the synchronised February-19 launch of its TRX Test Module MU887002A for upgrading the production-line inspection efficiency for wireless communications tools, consisting of 5G, and its space-saving Universal Wireless Test Set MT8872A. With 24 RF connectors, the newly established TRX Test Module MU887002A is a TRX module for setting up in both the MT8870A as well as MT8872A. It supports5G Sub-6GHz New Radio(NR)RF tests as well as various other simultaneous cordless communications tests, consisting of WLAN, Bluetooth ®, GNSS, and so on. Therefore, it considerably upgrades the examination performance of assembly line for cordless interactions gadgets.

The MT8872Ais a gauging instrument for mass-production and is completely compatible with the MT8870A.Its small footprint supports use in narrower rooms than the standard 19″ rackmount to conserve installment space on jampacked manufacturing lines.

Anritsu expects these brand-new MU887002Aand MT8872A solutions to boost mass-productivity on cordless interaction tool production lines by both saving room and also reducing expenses.

Advancement Background

The varieties of 5G smartphone subscribers and deliveries are proceeding to enhance with the beginning of commercial mobile 5G services. Additionally, more antennas are being built-into each 5G cordless device to attain both higher speeds and also larger-capacity interactions.

In this history, the essential problem for wireless-device producers is exactly how to improve aggravating production-line assessment effectiveness triggered by the raising variety of examinations of even more antennas, and also there is high need for advancement of a production-line tester to shorten inspection times.

Anritsu has actually created the TRX Test Module MU887002A with 24 RF connectors per module and also the space-saving Universal Wireless Test Set MT8872A to solve these concerns by boosting examination effectiveness of 5G cordless interactions devices.

Item Outline

The Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870A and MT8872A are testers for mass-production of various types of cordless interactions devices as well as modules. The TRX Test Module MU887000A/01A/02A systems are mounted in theMT8870A/MT8872Aand the UE under test is linked to the test components to gauge the Tx power, modulation precision, and also Rx sensitivity called for to evaluate NRx efficiency. test-measurement/products/mt8870a

Key Features

[TRX Test ModuleMU887002A]

■ Each module has 2 NRx features and each TRx feature has 12 RF adapter ports each of which can outcome the same signal all at once (Broadcast Function)to assist reduce inspection times and also remove the demand for an external divider.

■ With a 200MHz bandwidth as common, there is no demand to change hardware to sustain future NR 5G Sub-6 GHz Carrier Aggregation examinations.

■ Since the same high-output-power (– 5 dBm rms) regulated signal is result from all RF ports, Rx tests, such as Max Input Level, are supported without using an outside amplifier.

Furthermore, the MU887002A is the only measurement module sustaining synchronised over the air (OTA) Rx examinations of numerous UE devices.

[Universal Wireless Test SetMT8872A]

The MT8872A is a smaller two-slot version of the MT8870A yet suits half the variety of the same fully compatible TRX Test Module MU887000A/01A/02A devices as the MT8870A.It is perfect for applications where two test components suffice, such as on manufacturing lines with minimal setup space.

Target Audience and Applications

■ Target Markets: Chipset, Smartphone, cordless components and various other wireless items producing

■ Applications: Evaluation of TX performance of cordless interactions components as well as terminals

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