NewsThis insane kinetic clock robot flips itself into position

This insane kinetic clock robot flips itself into position

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Presenting the time in modern times isn’t difficult and you can accomplish it using any Arduino board and a standard four-digit display with seven segments. However, as human beings, we like newness and it’s not unusual to see a clock which is more of a work of art than a useful timekeeping device. This is especially true for AKUROBATTO It is a kinetic and insane clock robot that flips into a position.

AKUROBATTO is an elongated skateboard-like platform, and a motorized robotic. The robot functions as hand movements of an analog clock having two arms linked by an articulation joint. It is possible to tell the time by looking at the angular relative positions that the two arms are in. This may sound simple however it becomes more intriguing when you consider that the point of pivot between two arms are not fixed to the platform. In order to alter angles between arms the robot has to be able to lock itself onto the platform, and then turn around.

It accomplishes this by with two stepper motors that are geared and two locking mechanisms driven by servos. These allow the robot to attach to the platform in two places. The two Arduino Mini boards control the motion and measure the angle using the AS5600 rotating encoder. Arduinos communicate with each other. Arduinos communicate with one another by using radio transceivers called nRF24L01.

However, the physical design of this machine is the thing that distinguishes AKUROBATTO apart. Its design is 3D-printed but it makes use of an innovative locking system as well as GT2 timing belts to transfer torque to allow motion. It’s hard to be able to comprehend without seeing the motion by yourself it is precisely as the definition of kinetic art ought to be.

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