NewsTE Connectivity launches first-to-market SolderSleeve device for space

TE Connectivity launches first-to-market SolderSleeve device for space

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TE Connectivity (TE), the world’s leading company in the field of connectivity and sensors and sensors, has launched its SolderSleeve space device, a revolutionary solution that delivers a safe and secure solder joint that is suitable for low outgassing, such as LEO (LEO) satellites. This new product has been specifically designed to meet the requirements for the industry of space, who need to have a minimum or zero external object destruction (FOD) for applications. SolderSleeve is a SolderSleeve device is designed to work with tiny, nano and cube satellites to support LEO constellations as well as launch pads. All while ensuring end-to-end quality control from the initial manufacturing process in-house and testing, before delivering ultimately the product.

This SolderSleeve interconnection device is specifically designed for quick and simple installation as well as durability that can be used in difficult environments, and flexibility for use in that space-related domain. It can be utilized to splice wires and shield connections. It utilizes a heat shrinkable process which allows it to join with, insulate, and secure all in one go. It is constructed using an insulation sleeve that is transparent that is rated at 150° Celsius it has a strength of tensile force of 15 pounds or more.

“TE’s SolderSleeve interconnection device for space offers an ideal solution for high reliability, reduced SWaP and environmentally protected shield termination on cables that help insulate, protect and provide strain relief at the same time,” said Ujjwal Varma, product manager for TE’s Aerospace, Defense and Marine division. “Our inhouse design and quality-controlled process offers complete reliability and traceability for our products.”

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