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Robust Isolated SiC Gate Driver from STMicroelectronics Saves Space in Narrow SO-8 Package

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As SiC technology is increasingly used to increase the efficiency of power conversion the STGAP2SiCSN makes design simpler is compact, reduces space requirements, and increases the reliability and robustness in power systems that are energy-conscious and drives. The applications include electric vehicle charging solutions, switch-mode power supply as well as high-voltage power factor correction (PFC) DC/DC convertersand uninterruptible power supply (UPS) motor drives powered by solar energy fan factories appliances for homes, and induction heating.

It features galvanic isolation between gate-driving channel as well as the low-voltage control and the low-voltage control, the STGAP2SiCSN can operate up to 1800V on the high voltage rail. The time between input and output under 75ns assures high accuracy of PWM and stable switching due to common-mode Transient Immunity (CMTI) of 100V/ns. The built-in protection features include under-voltage lockout (UVLO) and an adjustable threshold that prevents SiC switch power from working under unsafe or low-efficiency conditions as well as thermal shutdown, which lowers both outputs from the driver in the event that a significant temperature increase is observed.

Two different configurations are offered with a selection of separate outputs that permit turn-on and off time to be individually optimized with an external resistor as well as a single input that has an the active Miller clamp feature. Single output configurations improve stability for high-frequency hard-switching applications using to the Miller clamp to stop excessive oscillation of the power switch.

The STGAP2SiCSN logic outputs are capable of working with TTL as well as CMOS logic up to 3.3V making it easier to connect to host microcontrollers or DSP. The driver is able to sink and supply up to 4A with gate-driving voltages of as high as 26 V. A bootstrap diode integrated into the driver simplifies design and improves reliability and a shutdown feature with an input pin that is separate from the rest helps reduce the power usage of the system.

The STGAP2SiCSNTR is available now, in the 5mm x 4mm-wide SO-8N package, from $1.25 for orders of 1000 pieces.

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