NewsSTMicroelectronics’ multi-pixel driver with CAN FD Light powers next-generation automotive lighting

STMicroelectronics’ multi-pixel driver with CAN FD Light powers next-generation automotive lighting

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STMicroelectronics L99LDLH32 linear regulator is a simple, integrated solution to dynamic automotive lighting control using the lightweight CAN FD light protocol. The new driver is ideal for OLED lamps that produce bright, uniform, high-contrast light from a small area. It also allows designers to create complex light patterns and effects that improve safety and style.

The L99LDLH32 has 32 independent programmable current sources that can be programmed from 1mA up to 15mA. It can drive individual pixels for both interior and exterior lighting applications. Global dimming with 8-bit resolution is also possible. The driver can produce outputs up to 35V while being powered by the vehicle’s battery voltage. This is to cover a broad emitter forward-voltage range. The integrated CAN FD light protocol handler/transceiver and CAN FD light protocol handler simplify vehicle communication and control domain ECU (electronic controller unit). CAN FD Light’s synchronized command/responder communication is based on industry standards. It was designed for simple devices such as lights and sensors to control. This saves expensive external components like timing crystals. Designers can create complex animated light patterns with 1Mbit/s data bandwidth. This allows for smooth modulated transitions and dimming. On-chip memory cells also allow for programming parameters like current level or PWM dimming to be used as stand-alone operations. This provides a failsafe option to protect against malfunctioning of the controller or communication bus.

The L99LDLH32 is designed to target safety-critical lighting like taillights and stoplights. The L99LDLH32 features a fault-status pin and voltage and temperature monitors. There is also a programmable watchdog and short-circuit/open-load detection. Frequency dithering reduces electromagnetic emissions. The L99LDLH32 monolithically integrated with ST’s BCD9sL procedure is available for purchase on ST eStore. The QFN48 device measures 7mm x7mm and has a wettable flank and an exposed thermal pad for dissipation.

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