NewsSTMicroelectronics Introduces High-Accuracy TSZ151 Operational Amplifiers for Enhanced Circuit Precision

STMicroelectronics Introduces High-Accuracy TSZ151 Operational Amplifiers for Enhanced Circuit Precision

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STMicroelectronics has unveiled the TSZ151 operational amplifiers, characterized by their exceptionally low offset voltage and minimal temperature drift. These features contribute significantly to the accuracy and stability of circuits utilized in sensor interfacing, signal conditioning, and current measurement applications.

Key Features of the TSZ151 Operational Amplifiers

The TSZ151 stands out for its extremely low input offset voltage (Vio), which is less than 7µV at 25°C, and maintains stability below 10µV across the full specified temperature range of -40°C to 125°C. This high level of stability reduces the need for periodic recalibration, thus enhancing the availability of the end product over its lifespan.

With a gain-bandwidth of 1.6MHz and a power consumption of just 210μA at 5V, the TSZ151 provides an optimal balance between speed and power usage. This operational amplifier positions itself between ST’s 400kHz TSZ121 and the 3MHz TSZ181, offering designers a broader range of options to fine-tune speed and power consumption according to their specific needs. Additionally, the TSZ151 features an ultra-low maximum input bias current of 300pA and operates on a minimum voltage of 1.8V, allowing it to be powered from the same rail as other integrated circuits within the system, including low-voltage microcontrollers.

Applications and Usability

The rail-to-rail input and output of the TSZ151 maximize the dynamic range, while its low power consumption and supply-voltage capability extend runtime, even with a depleted battery. Its wide operating temperature range makes it suitable for deployment in harsh environments and for use in long-duration missions. The TSZ151 is particularly applicable in feedback circuitry within power supplies for industrial, server, and telecom infrastructure, as well as in automotive applications requiring high-accuracy signal conditioning and power conversion.

The operational amplifier is AEC-Q100 qualified, demonstrating its suitability for automotive applications, and is included in STMicroelectronics’ rolling 10-year longevity plan, ensuring long-term product support.

Enhancing Circuit Design Flexibility

The introduction of the TSZ151 by STMicroelectronics marks a significant advancement in operational amplifier technology, offering circuit designers enhanced accuracy, stability, and flexibility. By minimizing reliance on recalibration and supporting use in diverse and demanding environments, the TSZ151 operational amplifier is set to become a valuable tool for developers across a range of industries.

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