NewsSTMicroelectronics’ dual-channel digital isolators cover flexible configurations

STMicroelectronics’ dual-channel digital isolators cover flexible configurations

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STMicroelectronics has expanded its range of dual-channel high-speed digital isolaters that offer designers greater flexibility to design their boards in a way that is optimal. The new STISO620 has two channels that share the same directionality. It has every digital output on the one end of an isolation wall, and all digital outputs located on the opposite side. It joins ST’s digital isolation line-up alongside the STISO621 and the STISO621W, which provide two channels in each direction.

The family provides an ideal solution for applications that require the isolation of two digital signals, and transmit the digital signal over the isolation barrier, with flexibility in directionality. All isolators are built on ST’s 6kV thick-oxide technology which provides reliable galvanic isolation. They are designed to ensure the integrity of insulation when systems fail and as they age, they improve performance in both consumer and industrial applications. These include smart-grid devices motor drives, utility meters smart lighting and building systems, and household appliances, along with power supplies, inverters fieldbus isolation devices as well as battery monitoring. They can be utilized anywhere to replace optocouplers, which ensures the highest quality of performance over time.

With two Schmitt-trigger inputs the STISO620 has excellent noise rejection that can reach 100Mbit/s switching speed and a pulse distortion of lower than 3ns. The STISO620 is housed inside an SO8N narrow-body enclosure with a 4mm creepage and clearance The STISO620 can withstand 4000Vpeak the impulse voltage (VIOTM) and has a 2830Vrms isolation voltage (VISO) with 849Vrms as the maximum operating isolation voltage (VIOWM). The key isolation parameters are tested to be in compliance to VDE0884-10 and UL 1577 safety standards . Additionally, all isolators are UL 1577 certified.

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