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STMicroelectronics Unveils STL120N10F8 MOSFETs with Superior Efficiency and Lower Emissions for Power Conversion Applications

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The STL120N10F8 N channel 100V power MOSFETs from STMicroelectronics combine extremely low gate drain charge (QGD), and on-resistance DDS(on), which gives 40% higher figure of merit (FoM), than comparable devices in the previous generation.

ST’s STPOWER STripFETF8 technology is used to create the new MOSFETs. This allows for very low conduction losses and low gate charges, resulting in efficient switching performance. The STL120N10F8’s maximum RDS(on), at VGS = 10V, is 4.6m and can switch frequencies as high as 600kHz. STripFET F8 technology has an output capacitance that reduces drain-source voltage spikes as well as minimizing wasted charge-discharge electricity. Also, the MOSFET body drain-diode characteristic displays an increase in softness. These improvements reduce electromagnetic emissions, which makes it easier to test the final system for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), according to applicable product standards.

The STL120N10F8’s superior efficiency and lower electromagnetic emissions enhance power-conversion performance in both soft- and hard-switching topologies. It is also the first STPOWER 100V STripFET 8 MOSFET to meet industrial-grade specifications. It’s ideal for motor-control applications as well as power supplies for telecom and computer systems as well as low-voltage and LED lighting. It can also be used in consumer appliances and other battery-powered devices. Additional benefits include a tight spread of the gate-threshold current (VGS(th),) which simplifies parallel connections for multiple devices in high-current situations. These devices are extremely durable and can withstand short-circuit currents up to 800A for pulses within the 10us range.

The STL120N10F8 MOSFETs also feature an advanced packaging technology, which enables high thermal efficiency and easy mounting, contributing to overall system reliability. The TO-220 FullPAK package has a large copper pad that provides excellent heat dissipation, reducing the device’s operating temperature and improving long-term reliability. Additionally, the package design features an isolated mounting hole, which eliminates the need for electrical isolation during assembly, simplifying the manufacturing process and reducing costs. Overall, the advanced packaging technology combined with the device’s performance and durability makes the STL120N10F8 MOSFETs an excellent choice for a wide range of power-conversion applications.

Michal Pukala
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