NewsSmart Eye and STMicroelectronics demonstrate high-sensitivity, lower-cost, 1-LED Driver Monitoring System

Smart Eye and STMicroelectronics demonstrate high-sensitivity, lower-cost, 1-LED Driver Monitoring System

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Smart Eye, a world pioneer in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to create technology that comprehends, supports and anticipates human behavior in complicated environments as well as STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a global leader in semiconductors providing customers with a wide range of electronic applications, have today announced the collaboration of a high-sensitivity, one-LED driver monitoring System (DMS). Combining Smart Eye’s knowledge of driver monitoring algorithms as well as optical system design, with ST’s high-sensitivity global-shutter with high-sensitivity for automotive use VB56G The new DMS lowers energy consumption and system costs by using just one LED. Most systems require two or more LEDs in order to effectively provide illumination to the driver.

The high-sensitivity DMS is on display the AutoSens in addition to InCabin exhibits held in Brussels. “The excellent performance and high sensitivity of ST’s automotive-grade global-shutter imaging sensor is an excellent match for Smart Eye’s industry-proven driver-monitoring algorithms,” stated Eric Aussedat, Executive Vice President imaging sub-group general manager STMicroelectronics. “In developing a sensor with 2.6um pixel size and double the quantum efficiency of previous-generation sensors, we’ve simplified DMS development, reduced its power consumption, and lowered costs without compromising performance.” “Building on our two decades of automotive experience proven by nearly 100 design wins from leading car manufacturers, we’ve worked with ST to combine our technology with ST’s advanced image sensor to eliminate at least half of the expensive LEDs/lenses,” stated Martin Krantz, CEO and founder of Smart Eye. “Even with this less bulky and less expensive design, we’ve come up with an outstanding, no-compromise DMS demonstrator that illustrates how automakers can greatly increase road safety and reduce costs of ownership. We’re pleased to assist our customers and partners by providing our reference HW and SW design and experience to ensure seamless products Integration.” High-sensitivity DMS created by Smart Eye and ST Smart Eye and ST is to be unveiled and showcased in ST’s stand (#21) at AutoSens. ST Stand (#21) during AutoSens from October 12-14, at Autoworld Museum situated in Brussels and at the same spot in InCabin the 15th of September. To see demonstrations following AutoSens and InCabin you can contact Smart Eye or ST sales. Notes to Editors: The VG56G4A was announced earlier in the year is the 2nd generation global shutter sensor designed for automotive system for monitoring drivers.

This sensor makes use of ST’s internal investment in developing sophisticated 3D-stacked back-side illuminated (BSI-3D) image sensors. They have higher sensitivity, are compact as well as more durable than standard front-side illuminated (FSI) sensors commonly utilized in the first-generation DMSs. The sensor is capable of achieving the highest quantum Efficiency (QE) which is 24 percent at 940nm near infrared (NIR) wavelength which has a the ability to achieve a linear dynamic range of up to 60dB. This allows for a simple, low-power, invisible LED emitter to provide sufficient illumination to the sensor. Its operation outside of the visible spectrum also guarantees the same response during day and nighttime driving and in overcast or bright light conditions, while minimizing fatigue-related issues for drivers. Alongside the sensor’s high QE it employs a global shutter approach which has many advantages over rolling shutter imagers. Global shutters simultaneously expose each of the pixels in surrounding scene and allows for simple synchronization to NIR illumination. This lowers the illumination-subsystem power budget. Combining a pixel of only 2.6um together with the high Quality of Energy and the worldwide shutter help maximize power usage and the size of the camera. Furthermore, an integrated automated exposure control makes it easier to use and streamlines the design of the software application by reducing system interaction with the sensor. It also offers various operating modes to assist in optimizing system capabilities and performance. They include programmable sequences that can be used to create four frame contexts, control of illumination outputs that are synchronized to sensors integration time periods, as well as the ability to input an external signal for frame start.

Other options include the automatic dark calibration and dynamic defect-pixel correction. Other features include cropping images, and mirror-flip-image readout. External connections are programmable and include eight general-purpose I/O (GPIO) pins as well as the dual-lane MIPI-CSI-2 transmitter interface that can operate with up 1.5 Gbps per lane. The sensor is capable of operating with as high as 88 frames per second (fps) in full resolution. The average energy consumption is 145mW when operating at 60 frames per second. What is Smart Eye Smart Eye is the leader worldwide for Human Insight AI, technology that comprehends, supports and predicts human behaviour in challenging situations. We aim to bridge the gap between machines and humans to secure and long-lasting future. Our multimodal hardware and software solutions give unprecedented insight in behavioral and automotive research, backed with Affectiva and iMotions businesses we purchased in 2021. Smart Eye offers road-ready Driver Monitoring Systems and the latest in interior Sensing solutions based upon two decades of automotive expertise. Smart Eye’s technology can be found into the latest vehicles, either OEM and Tier 1 solutions. It is selected by 14 of leading automakers in the world for 94 models of cars. Smart Eye also provides complete hardware and software solutions for the fleet and aftermarket applications, which power vehicles that are on the road today. Smart Eye is the preferred partner of automobile manufacturers, Smart Eye is leading in the direction of safer, more sustainable transport and mobility experiences that enhance wellbeing, comfort and entertainment.

Smart Eye was founded in 1999. It is listed on the stock exchange and has its headquarters at Sweden and has offices across the US, UK, Germany, Denmark, Egypt, Japan, Singapore, and China. Learn more about it at

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