NewsFlexible power modules from STMicroelectronics simplify SiC inverter designs

Flexible power modules from STMicroelectronics simplify SiC inverter designs

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STMicroelectronics has launched two STPOWER modules that feature 1200V silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs that are available in various configurations. The two modules use ST’s ACEPACK1 2 package technology to guarantee an extremely high power density as well as a simplified assembly. The first module to be released called the A2F12M12W2-F1 is a four-pack module which is a practical and compact full-bridge option for circuits like DC/DC converters. The second module, A2U12M12W2-F2, utilizes the three-level topology of a T-type that combines high efficiency in conduction and switching with high output voltage quality that is consistent.

The MOSFETs used in these modules utilize the second generation of ST’s SiC technology that boasts an impressive RDS(on) ratio x die-area of merit, ensuring excellent current handling capabilities with minimal losses. With 13m of typical RDS(on) on each chip, full-bridge as well as T-type topologies are able to handle applications with high power and provide an excellent energy efficiency, with a simple thermal management thanks to the low power dissipation. Its ACEPACK 2 package has compact dimensions and provides the highest power density with an effective alumina substrate as well as direct copper bonded (DBC) the die’s attachment.

The connections to the outside are pins with press-fit fitting that make assembly easier in potentially harsh environments devices like electric cars (EVs) as well as power conversions for charge stations and energy storage as well as solar power. The module offers 2.5kVrms insulation as well as an inbuilt NTC temperature sensor that is utilized to protect the system and for diagnostics. The modules are available at present and the cost is $235.20 for the four-pack configuration of the A2F12M12W2-F1 and the three-level inverter A2U12M12W2-F2.

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