NewsSilex and Morse Micro Unveil Groundbreaking SDIO/SPI Module Boosting Wi-Fi HaLow Capabilities

Silex and Morse Micro Unveil Groundbreaking SDIO/SPI Module Boosting Wi-Fi HaLow Capabilities

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Silex Technology America, Inc., a leading international supplier of wireless networking solutions, and Morse Micro, a key player in the Wi-Fi HaLow silicon market, have jointly launched a new industrial-grade Wi-Fi HaLow module. This innovation is specifically designed for the Internet of Things (IoT) sector.

Revolutionary SX-SDMAH Module

The cutting-edge SX-SDMAH module marries the robust features of Silex’s wireless modules, which are famed for their compact form factor, broad temperature range, and product longevity, with the MM6108 Wi-Fi HaLow SoC from Morse Micro. This SoC is designed to optimize the wireless range, coverage area, and power efficiency of IoT devices.

Strategic Partnership

This strategic alliance leverages Silex Technology’s more than four-decade legacy in hardware and software connectivity, along with Morse Micro’s groundbreaking work in the development of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED HaLow solutions. Silex also extends turnkey services and the necessary support to enable the speedy and effortless integration of Wi-Fi HaLow.

Unprecedented Performance

Engineered to offer unrivaled connectivity performance, the SX-SDMAH module boasts an extended long range (exceeding 3 kilometers), ultra-low power usage, and compatibility with a wide array of IoT applications. These applications range from smart homes and industrial automation to Wi-Fi HaLow access points, gateways, Ethernet wireless bridges, Wi-Fi extenders, IP cameras, 3D scanners, GNSS receivers, vehicle telemetry devices, and premium sensors.

Leadership Comments

Satoru Kumashiro, senior product manager at Silex Technology America, commented on the partnership with Morse Micro to deliver next-generation Wi-Fi HaLow modules which will meet the burgeoning global demand for long-range, low-power IoT connectivity. Phillip Kumin, SVP of Worldwide Sales and Business Development at Morse Micro, highlighted the company’s excitement about the partnership and the role it will play in speeding up time-to-market and simplifying the development process for a broad range of IoT products based on the Wi-Fi HaLow IEEE 802.11ah standard.

Features and Availability

The SX-SDMAH Wi-Fi HaLow Module (US Version) offers a host of features, including Sub-GHz 802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow radio module operation in the 902-928 MHz bands for the United States and Canada, long-distance wireless connectivity with a 3 km range, and large network capacity. It also supports advanced security features including WPA3 and Wi-Fi Enhanced Open. The module and its evaluation kit are currently available in the United States and Canada.

Morse Micro’s comprehensive Wi-Fi HaLow portfolio comprises the industry’s smallest, fastest, and lowest power IEEE 802.11ah compliant SoCs. Operating in the sub-GHz frequency band, the Wi-Fi HaLow IEEE 802.11ah standard was designed from the ground up for the IoT, providing an optimal blend of extended range, power efficiency, long battery life for wireless devices, superior penetration of barriers, large network capacity, advanced security, and Wi-Fi compatibility.

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