NewsSamsung Electronics Unveils Advanced ISOCELL Vizion Sensors for Next-Generation Applications

Samsung Electronics Unveils Advanced ISOCELL Vizion Sensors for Next-Generation Applications

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Introduction of New ISOCELL Vizion Sensors

Samsung Electronics, a global leader in semiconductor technology, has recently introduced two innovative additions to its ISOCELL Vizion lineup – the ISOCELL Vizion 63D and ISOCELL Vizion 931 sensors. First launched in 2020, the ISOCELL Vizion series is renowned for its time-of-flight (ToF) and global shutter sensors, designed to enhance visual capabilities in a wide array of mobile, commercial, and industrial applications.

Enhancing Machine Vision with State-of-the-Art Technology

Haechang Lee, Executive Vice President of the Next Generation Sensor Development Team at Samsung Electronics, emphasized the role of these new sensors in advancing machine vision for high-tech applications like robotics and extended reality (XR). The ISOCELL Vizion 63D and ISOCELL Vizion 931 are products of Samsung’s longstanding commitment to technological innovation and its impact on the evolving image sensor market.

ISOCELL Vizion 63D: A Benchmark in ToF Sensor Technology

The ISOCELL Vizion 63D, an indirect ToF (iToF) sensor, marks a significant advancement in depth sensing. It measures the phase shift between emitted and reflected light to capture three-dimensional surroundings with high precision. This sensor is particularly effective for applications requiring high-resolution depth measurement, such as in service and industrial robots, XR devices, and facial authentication technologies.

Innovative One-Chip Design of Vizion 63D

The Vizion 63D stands out as the industry’s first iToF sensor with an integrated depth-sensing hardware image signal processor (ISP). This one-chip design facilitates a significant reduction in system power consumption and enables the sensor to capture 3D depth information independently. It also processes images at up to 60 frames per second in QVGA resolution, making it highly suitable for commercial and industrial markets.

Enhanced Light Absorption and Image Quality

With the industry’s smallest pixel size in iToF sensors, the ISOCELL Vizion 63D achieves high VGA resolution within a compact optical format. The sensor’s backside scattering technology (BST) enhances light absorption, leading to superior image quality with minimal motion blur and an exceptional quantum efficiency level.

ISOCELL Vizion 931: Revolutionizing Global Shutter Sensors

The ISOCELL Vizion 931 is a global shutter image sensor designed for capturing rapid movements without distortion. This capability makes it ideal for motion-tracking in various applications, from XR devices and gaming systems to service robots and drones. Unlike rolling shutter sensors, the Vizion 931 captures the entire scene simultaneously, ensuring sharp, undistorted images of moving objects.

Optimized for Head-Mounted Display Devices

With its one-to-one ratio VGA resolution, the ISOCELL Vizion 931 is optimized for applications like iris recognition, eye tracking, and facial and gesture detection in XR headsets. The sensor achieves the industry’s highest quantum efficiency with advanced light absorption technologies, enhancing its effectiveness in various lighting conditions.

Design Flexibility and Multi-Drop Support

The Vizion 931 sensor offers significant design flexibility, supporting multi-drop connections for up to four cameras with minimal wiring. This feature allows device manufacturers to innovate with greater ease and efficiency.

Global Sampling and Future Implications

Currently, Samsung is providing samples of the ISOCELL Vizion 63D and ISOCELL Vizion 931 sensors to OEMs worldwide. These sensors represent a leap forward in Samsung’s vision for the future of sensor technology, potentially revolutionizing a range of industries with their advanced capabilities.

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