NewsROHM Introduces Innovative Zero-Drift Operational Amplifier for Precision Sensing

ROHM Introduces Innovative Zero-Drift Operational Amplifier for Precision Sensing

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ROHM has announced the development of the LMR1002F-LB, a zero-drift operational amplifier (op amp), marking a significant advancement in sensor signal amplification for industrial and consumer electronics. This new op amp stands out by minimizing input offset voltage and its temperature drift, making it highly suitable for current sensing in power control inverters and various detectors such as temperature, pressure, flow, and gas.

Addressing the Challenges of Modern Sensing Applications

As automotive and industrial devices grow in complexity and demand for precise application control increases, the use of environmental sensors to measure parameters like temperature, pressure, and gas concentrations has become more prevalent. The small signals produced by these sensors require amplification for accurate monitoring and control. Traditional op amps, however, can introduce significant voltage errors when amplifying such small signals, compounded by the challenge of input offset voltage temperature drift which varies with temperature and time.

ROHM’s Zero-Drift Solution

ROHM’s zero-drift op amp, the LMR1002F-LB, utilizes proprietary analog circuit technology and the chopper method to significantly reduce input offset voltage to just 9µV, a 94% reduction compared to conventional low-offset op amps. This innovation negates the need for additional components or software for offset voltage adjustment, thereby reducing design complexity and cost. Furthermore, the product achieves an unparalleled input offset voltage temperature drift of only 0.05µV/°C in the operating temperature range of -40°C to +125°C, ensuring reliable sensor signal amplification unaffected by environmental changes.

Features and Applications

With a wide supply voltage range of 2.7V to 5.5V and rail-to-rail input/output capabilities, the LMR1002F-LB is versatile across a range of industrial applications. Its precision in amplifying measured sensor signals enables enhanced control accuracy for industrial equipment, contributing to the advancement of factory automation and monitoring systems.

Future Developments in Zero-Drift Op Amps

Looking ahead, ROHM is committed to further improving the performance of zero-drift op amps, focusing on reducing noise and offset while increasing power efficiency and expanding the power supply voltage range. This initiative is aimed at addressing the growing demands of the automotive and industrial sectors, contributing to the resolution of societal challenges through more accurate application control.

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