NewsROHM Innovates with High-Power RLD90QZW8 Laser Diode for Advanced LiDAR Applications

ROHM Innovates with High-Power RLD90QZW8 Laser Diode for Advanced LiDAR Applications

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ROHM’s Breakthrough in High-Power Laser Diode Technology

ROHM, a renowned name in semiconductor solutions, has recently developed the RLD90QZW8, a high-power laser diode that sets new standards in industrial and consumer applications for distance measurement and spatial recognition. This innovation aligns with the rising adoption of LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology in automation-driven applications such as AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), robot vacuums, and autonomous vehicles.

Emerging LiDAR Applications Necessitate Enhanced Laser Diode Performance

The increasing utilization of LiDAR in diverse applications highlights the need for improved performance and output in laser diodes. These enhancements are crucial for achieving greater detection distances and accuracy in spatial recognition tasks.

ROHM’s Pioneering Approach to LiDAR Technology

To address this market need, ROHM leveraged its original patented technology to develop a laser diode with a narrower emission width, significantly enhancing range and accuracy in LiDAR applications. ROHM’s progression in this domain includes the launch of a 25W laser diode RLD90QZW5 in 2019 and a 75W version RLD90QZW3 in 2021. Now, in response to escalating market demands, ROHM has unveiled its new 120W laser diode.

Introducing the RLD90QZW8: A Game-Changer in LiDAR Technology

The RLD90QZW8, a 120W infrared high-output laser diode, is specifically designed for LiDAR systems used in 3D Time of Flight (ToF) systems for accurate distance measurement and spatial recognition. ROHM’s cutting-edge device development technology minimizes the temperature dependence of the laser wavelength by 66% compared to general products, resulting in a reduced Δ11.6nm (average 0.10nm/°C). This improvement allows for narrower bandpass filters and extended LiDAR detection ranges. Additionally, the RLD90QZW8 boasts a 97% uniform light intensity across an industry-leading emission width of 270µm.

Enhanced Features for Efficient and Accurate LiDAR Applications

The RLD90QZW8 not only offers a remarkable emission range but also features high power-to-light conversion efficiency (PCE). This efficiency contributes to reduced power consumption in LiDAR applications, making it an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution.

ROHM’s Comprehensive Support for Laser Diode Integration

ROHM provides an array of design support materials through its website, aiding in the integration and evaluation of the new product. These resources facilitate the product’s introduction into the market. Additionally, ROHM has developed a reference design that combines its 150V EcoGaN™ HEMT and gate drivers for high-speed laser diode operation essential in LiDAR applications.

ROHM’s Commitment to Quality and Automotive Standards

ROHM has achieved certification under the IATF 16949 automotive quality management standard for both front-end and back-end processes at its manufacturing facilities. This certification underscores ROHM’s dedication to quality and reliability, paving the way for the development of automotive-grade laser diodes (AEC-Q102 compliant), with commercialization targeted by the end of 2024.

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