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Optimized CoolSiC™ MOSFETs 650 V in D²PAK for lowest losses in the application and highest reliability in operation

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Megatrends like urbanization, digitalization and electromobility cause an increase in power consumption. In the same way energy efficiency is becoming increasingly crucial. Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFNNY, OTCQX: IFX) responds to these massive trends and the demands that follow by offering an updated family of CoolSiC 700 V silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs that deliver efficient, simple-to-use and cost-effective high-performance. The devices are built on Infineon’s advanced SiC trench technology. They are offered in a small D 2PAK SMD 7-pin packaging that incorporates .XT connectivity technology. They’re designed to be used in high power applications such as telecom, servers industrial SMPS, speedy electric vehicle charging and motor drive batteries for energy storage, solar power systems and battery creation.

The latest products provide improved switching characteristics with higher currents, and an 80 percent reduction in reverse recovery charges (Q RRR) as well as drain source charge (Q Oss) than the top silicon reference. The lower switching losses permit high-frequency operation in smaller system dimensions, which allows for greater efficiency and power density. The trench technology provides the foundation for a higher level of gate oxide reliability. Along with a higher short-circuit and avalanche resistance, it ensures the best system reliability in even the most demanding conditions. The SiC MOSFETs are suited for topologies that require frequent hard commutation, and also for harsh and high temperature operation. Because of a small on-resistance (R DS(on)) dependence on temperature, they display excellent thermal behaviour.

Offering a broad voltage range from source to gate (V GS) that ranges from 5 V to 23 V, as well as with a turn-off voltage of 0 V GS as well as a gate source threshold voltage (V GS(th)) higher than 4, the latest family can also be used with the standard MOSFET gates driver circuits. Furthermore, the new devices offer bidirectional topologies as well as full control of dv/dt, which means less costs and complexity of the system, and easy integration and acceptance. Its .XT interconnection technology greatly enhances the thermal capabilities of the device. As much as 30 percent more loss is eliminated in comparison to an ordinary interconnection. With 10 new products including this Infineon D 2PAK 7-pin range of SiC MOSFETs are the most precise on the market.

Michal Pukala
Electronics and Telecommunications engineer with Electro-energetics Master degree graduation. Lightning designer experienced engineer. Currently working in IT industry.