NewsNXP Semiconductors Announces TrimensionTM NCJ29D6 for Advanced Automotive Applications

NXP Semiconductors Announces TrimensionTM NCJ29D6 for Advanced Automotive Applications

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NXP® Semiconductors (NASDAQ: NXPI) has announced the launch of its new TrimensionTM NCJ29D6, a single-chip Ultra-Wideband (UWB) solution designed for automotive applications. This innovative product is set to enhance a range of automotive functionalities, including secure car access, child presence detection, intrusion alert, and gesture recognition. Major automotive OEMs have integrated devices from this family, with expectations for them to be featured in model year 2025 vehicles.

Features of the TrimensionTM NCJ29D6 Family

The TrimensionTM NCJ29D6 family, a part of one of the industry’s most extensive UWB portfolios, includes the highly integrated NCJ29D6B and the NCJ29D6A. The NCJ29D6B, the next generation UWB device, is tailored for secure car access and offers enhanced ranging performance, security, and reduced system costs. Meanwhile, the NCJ29D6A uniquely combines ranging and short-range UWB radar capabilities into a single chip with an integrated MCU. This integration allows OEMs to create a multi-purpose platform from a single UWB-based system, reducing costs and streamlining development.

Enhancing Secure Car Access

The NCJ29D6B is specifically engineered for secure car access, enabling hands-free access via a digital key on UWB-enabled mobile devices. Its advancements include higher RF sensitivity, simultaneous operating receiver chains, and an integrated digital CAN transceiver. These features provide maximum design flexibility for OEMs and future-proof secure car access capabilities.

Extending UWB Capabilities with Radar

The NCJ29D6A extends the capabilities of the NCJ29D6B with its short-range UWB radar feature. As the first automotive device to combine these features within a single chip, the NCJ29D6A enables OEMs to leverage UWB for a variety of applications beyond secure car access, such as in-cabin sensing and smart gesture recognition. This multi-functional approach maximizes the value of UWB in automotive applications.

Focus on Security

Anticipating an increase in physical and cyber security attacks on vehicles, NXP’s new UWB family incorporates integrated security capabilities. Both devices are designed to exceed ISO21434 Cyber Security Requirements, with standard-compatible UWB ranging protocols like CCC MAC and FiRa MAC that support AUTOSAR architectures.

Expanding NXP’s Connected Car Portfolio

The Trimension IC family is the latest addition to NXP’s portfolio of Connected Car Consortium-based smart access solutions. This portfolio includes a range of products such as KW45/47 wireless MCUs for Bluetooth Low Energy, NCx332x automotive NFC frontends, NCJ37x automotive secure elements, and the FS24 family of automotive safety Mini CAN FD SBC. These integrated solutions reflect NXP’s commitment to advancing the capabilities of connected vehicles.

Impact on the Automotive Industry

The introduction of the TrimensionTM NCJ29D6 family marks a significant advancement in automotive technology. By providing a versatile, high-performance, and secure UWB solution, NXP is paving the way for new developments in automotive safety, security, and convenience. With these innovations, the automotive industry is poised to offer consumers enhanced experiences and functionalities in their vehicles.

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