NewsNVIDIA Clara Deployed on Amazon Web Services for Accelerated Healthcare Solutions

NVIDIA Clara Deployed on Amazon Web Services for Accelerated Healthcare Solutions

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Pharmaceutical and techbio companies are now able to leverage NVIDIA Clara software and services through Amazon Web Services (AWS), significantly enhancing healthcare and life sciences development. Announced at the AWS re:Invent event, this collaboration allows healthcare developers to seamlessly integrate NVIDIA’s accelerated offerings, including the NVIDIA BioNeMo platform for drug discovery, into their AWS cloud resources.

Access to NVIDIA BioNeMo on AWS

NVIDIA BioNeMo, a generative AI platform, is now accessible to thousands of healthcare and life sciences companies globally through AWS. This platform, available via the AWS ParallelCluster and Amazon SageMaker machine learning service, enables users to build or customize digital biology foundation models, leveraging NVIDIA GPU-accelerated cloud servers for model training and deployment. Techbio innovators are already using BioNeMo for AI-accelerated drug discovery and development, with this new initiative offering more scalable cloud computing resources.

Extended NVIDIA Healthcare Offerings on AWS

This announcement expands NVIDIA’s existing healthcare-focused solutions on AWS. These include NVIDIA MONAI for medical imaging workflows and NVIDIA Parabricks for accelerated genomics. These technologies enable healthcare developers to efficiently process and analyze extensive data sets, enhancing medical research and clinical applications.

Generative AI for Drug Discovery with BioNeMo

BioNeMo is a domain-specific framework that includes pretrained large language models (LLMs), data loaders, and optimized training recipes to expedite computer-aided drug discovery. It allows drug discovery teams to use proprietary data for building or optimizing models and running them on cloud-based high-performance computing clusters. Notable models like ESM-2, MegaMolBART, and ProtT5 are supported within BioNeMo’s training framework.

NVIDIA Clara for Medical Imaging and Genomics on AWS

Project MONAI, a medical imaging workflow tool cofounded by NVIDIA, has seen widespread adoption and is available on AWS. It enables developers to use proprietary healthcare datasets for AI model development in medical imaging. Parabricks, another NVIDIA solution, significantly accelerates genomics pipelines, with various workflows available on AWS HealthOmics as Ready2Run workflows.

Impact on Healthcare and Life Sciences

The deployment of NVIDIA Clara on AWS marks a significant milestone in AI-driven healthcare innovation. It offers pharmaceutical and techbio companies powerful tools to accelerate workflows in drug discovery, genomics, and medical imaging, ultimately leading to more efficient research and faster development of healthcare solutions.

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