NewsQorvo’s CMD328K3 Low-Noise Amplifier for X-Band and Ku-Band Satellite Comms

Qorvo’s CMD328K3 Low-Noise Amplifier for X-Band and Ku-Band Satellite Comms

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Mouser Electronics, Inc. is the market’s top New Product Introduction (NPI) distributor offering the broadest choice of electronic and semiconductor components, now stocks the CMD328K3 6 GHz to 18 GHz high-frequency low noise amplifier (LNA) from Qorvo(r). This device is ideal for electronic defense and communication systems in which small dimensions and energy consumption are essential.

The CMD328K3 from Qorvo, which is available at Mouser Electronics, is a broadband MMIC LNA which operates between 6 GHz to 18 GHz, with a noise number of only 1.4 decibels. The CMD328K3 amplifier has more than 27 dB in gain with an output 1 dB of compression at 12 dBm. It is a 50-ohm-matched design that removes the requirement of external DC blocks as well as the RF port matching.

In a lead-free 3 mm x 3mm plastic air cavity with a surface-mount The CMD328K3 amplifier makes the ideal replacement for hybrid amplifiers. The CMD328K3 LNA include X-band and Ku band radars, satellite communications as well as electronic defence receivers.

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