NewsSECORA ID with FIDO® enables flexible and fast security solutions for online...

SECORA ID with FIDO® enables flexible and fast security solutions for online authentication

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Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX/OTCQX IFNNY) presents SECORA ID. SECORA ID with FIDO to secure authentication on websites using tokens that are user-friendly. The top security tool safeguards against fraud and tampering. The company will show additional products belonging to SECORA. SECORA family of solutions that are one-stop during TRUSTECH this year between November 30 and December 2 at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles in Pavilion 5.2.

SECORA ID using FIDO to authenticate online

Based on FIDO The latest addition of Infineon to its SECORA ID portfolio makes it easy to improve security of digital identities. It is an open industry standard, and offers an easy, reliable, and secure online authentication. When used in conjunction and with an electronic ID (eID), FIDO can also be used by individuals for authenticating themselves with government portals and use their services. The system is based using the EAL6Security controller that is certified as well as a Java Card operating system. Certified through the FIDO Alliance as a roaming authenticator, it works with CTAP2 from FIDO. It allows multifactor and 2-factor authentication using an NFC interface. It’s a multi-faceted product that is available as a standalone product and together along with eMRTD app, it is able to serve all segments – consumers, enterprises, as well as eGov applications.

Secure access to blockchains using SECORA Blockchain

In a variety of use cases within industries like transportation, logistics and energy, blockchain technology can help track supply chains, secure brands, establish ownership of assets, and even manage contracts. In order to integrate transactions into blockchains, users typically require the private key to be stored in a secure space. This type of secure “vault” to keep private keys is provided through SECORA Blockchain security controllers, providing security to blockchains. SECORA Blockchain demo at TRUSTECH 21. SECORA Blockchain demo at the TRUSTECH 21 show how to safeguard brands by incorporating the SECORA Blockchain chip into the products, then linking the blockchain with it to show that the product is genuine.

Connected Payables for wearables, IoT devices using SECORA Connect

Smart IoT devices with different forms dimensions are becoming more popular because additional functions such as access and ticketing are added. Through SECORA Connect, Infineon’s solution family of IoT devices that are connected IoT devices, it’s simple to secure payments and provide secure biometric authentication. Based on an upgraded NFC Secure Element design, SECORA Connect lets smart wearables equipped with ticketing, payment and other apps at the lowest power consumptionand increasing battery life for customers. SECORA Connect can be described as a full system that allows users to store securely the information, choose and utilize multiple credentials, including payment tickets and credit cards. It transforms wearables and IoT devices into highly efficient and flexible digital wallets.

SECORA Pay allows for rapid and effective payment

SECORA Pay is a SECORA Pay family offers customized affordable, low-cost Java Card -based solutions to speedy and flexible application in payment card and innovative forms. The SECORA Pay family is based on the SOLID FLASH chip from Infineon and is compatible with the most recent EMV applets. To broaden the range and to meet the needs of customers, a brand newly developed SECORA Pay portfolio based on the most recent 40nm technology platform was added to the product family. The products come in three varieties to facilitate the production of cards that are efficient for various scenarios:

SECORA Pay S is ready-to-use, off-the-shelf optimized EMV solutions that have reference approvals from the world’s most prominent payment networks (VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express) as well as support for personalization scripting.

SECORA PayX is a platform for enabling that allows customers to use EMV-based payment methods and local content with Infineon’s reference solutions that are ready-to-use

SECORA Pay W Solutions for EMV that are turnkey built on cutting-edge packaging technology to enable non-connected passive devices or payment accessories.

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