ProjectNo opponent nearby? Not a problem! This automatic chessboard lets you play...

No opponent nearby? Not a problem! This automatic chessboard lets you play others remotely

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Chess is a great game to play with friends, however, imagine if you do not have some to compete against local? That is exactly what prompted manufacturer Carlos Pendas into make an automated chessboard that is not just able to document which bits got transferred, but also transfer the bits . This usually means that you may play a match of bodily chess with somebody thousands of miles off.

To start, Pendas began by designing and designing his very own chess pieces using a distinctive cutout beneath to maintain both a burden and a magnet. The magnet is essential here since it is what gets noticed from the collection of 500 Hall effect sensors underneath the plank and proceeded from the articulating arm. Following a player makes their movement, an Arduino Nano reads that Hall detectors were triggered and in what sequence to ascertain the item moved. This information is then relayed to your Nano 33 IoT which conveys using a Lichess host to deliver motion and basic game orders.

When the remote participant makes their move, a command has been sent to a ESP32 that controls a robotic arm having the electromagnet placed on the endresult. It just maneuvers every piece to prevent crashes and maintain the board looking neat.

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You can read more about how the automatic chessboard was built on Pendas’ project page.

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