NewsNisshinbo Micro Devices Expands MUSES Family with the Advanced NL8802 Op Amp

Nisshinbo Micro Devices Expands MUSES Family with the Advanced NL8802 Op Amp

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Introduction to NL8802 Op Amp

Nisshinbo Micro Devices has expanded its MUSES family of operational amplifiers (op amps) with the introduction of the NL8802. This new entry-level device strikes an optimal balance between sound quality, performance, and cost, making it a significant addition to audio technology.

Innovative Integration for Enhanced Circuit Design

The NL8802 integrates two high-performance Nisshinbo Micro Devices op amps into a single package. This integration offers increased flexibility and efficiency in circuit design, particularly beneficial for Hi-Fi and professional audio equipment manufacturers.

Broad Operating Voltage Range

The device supports an extensive operating voltage range of ±22 V, enhancing its compatibility with a variety of power supply configurations. This feature makes the NL8802 a versatile component for different audio applications.

Dynamic Range and Audio Characteristics

With its wide dynamic range, the NL8802 excels in delivering audio characteristics of low noise and distortion, wide bandwidth, and a high slew rate. These specifications contribute to its suitability for high-quality audio applications.

Detailed Specifications of NL8802

  • Operating Voltage Range: ±3.0 V to ±22 V.
  • Low Noise: 5.5 nV/√Hz at f=1 kHz.
  • Low Distortion: 0.00005% at f=1 kHz.
  • Gain Bandwidth Product: 45 MHz.
  • Slew Rate: 11 V/μs.
  • Quiescent Current: 8.0 mA (Dual).
  • Input and Technology: Bipolar input with bipolar technology.
  • Package Options: NL8802AN in EMP-8-AN and NL8802GQ in DFN3030-8-GQ (under development).

Impact on Hi-Fi and Professional Audio Equipment

The NL8802 op amp is poised to revolutionize Hi-Fi and professional audio equipment. Its advanced features enable designers to create systems with exceptional audio quality, setting a new standard in the industry.

Future Prospects and Availability

With the launch of NL8802, Nisshinbo Micro Devices continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation in audio technology. The development of packages like NL8802GQ indicates ongoing advancements and future possibilities in the field of operational amplifiers.

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